• Grace Defined

    One of the most common words in the New Testament is "grace," but what does it mean? We have traditionally defined "grace" as "unmerited pardon," but is that an adequate definition of this importnat word? If that is a complete definition, then how do we grow in grace as instructed through Peter? Grace is a much bigger word than we often consider it. Given 1/30/2016

  • Making a Difference

    Many in the Church see our country in trouble and want to "make a difference". Some think the biggest impact they can make is at the ballot box in the presidential election. Is that so?? How would Christ expect His people to "make a difference" in this world? Given 2/20/2016.

  • Ambassadors for Christ

    What does it mean to be an Ambassador for Christ? Let's compare our lives as Christians in a hostile world to the requirements for a foreign ambassador in today's society. 2 Corinthians 5:20 encourages us to be an ambassador for Christ. Given 12/26/2015.

  • Cut it Off That You May Enter Into Life

    Jesus Christ was perfect without sin. We are Ambassadors for Christ. How do you become that representative of perfection? What is expected of you and me? How perfect do you need to be? This sermon shows how important it is that we know.

  • Encouragement: a Christian Duty

    What is encouragement? Why does the Bible put such an emphasis on encouragement? How may we encourage young people, the sick, the bereaved, and those who may wish to return to God's Church? Given 12/12/2015

  • Faith: How to Keep Your Sanity in an Insane World

    Let's define faith and let's ask if we have the faith that is the "evidence of things not seen." The world is coming apart at the seams, insanity is the best word to describe it. It is only through faith that we can endure.

  • The Fox and the Hedgehog

    People can be sorted into two broad categories. Foxes pursue many different, sometimes contradictory, goals. Hedgehogs have one guiding principle that makes sense of everything in their lives. Which should we be?

  • The Tree of Life

    The conditions in the world confirm that man has chosen the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We should be choosing from the tree of life. What does that mean?

    Given at Orange Beach Feast of Tabernacles

  • Why do Christians Keep the Holy Days?

    Those who reject the keeping of the annual holy days like to attack the twigs in hope of toppling the tree. What are the "trunk of the tree" reasons for Christians to keep the holy days, and how can we explain those "twiggy" scriptures? This message will focus on four fundamental principles that undeniably show that the holy days are to be kept today.

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