• Concretized Christianity

    One of the unique aspects of the human mind is the ability to consider abstract ideas. But for abstract concepts to be effective, they must be applied in concrete ways. Similarly, Christianity must be more than an abstract concept. It too must be made concrete. So what does real Christianity look like?

  • Three Core Principles of Christians

    The world was much simpler 50 years ago when I graduated from high school. Today it seems very complicated. We can allow our Christian principles to become complicated, but we shouldn't. Today's sermon will look at three core principles of Christianity that are as simple today as they were 50 years ago.

  • The Seal on God’s Foundation

    For thousands of years people have inscribed sayings on their houses. Paul described two statements that are written on the foundation of God's house, and both pertain directly to the meaning of Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread.

  • The Importance of Change

    When approaching the Passover, the subject of change is an important one. It is difficult to change, but there are examples that we have all seen over the years where people genuinely do change. In my trips to Africa over the past 20 years I have seen how people have changed. Good lesson for us as we approach the Passover.

  • Women’s Essential Role in God’s Plan

    Is God misogynist? Can a woman be both strong and feminine? What role have women played in God's plan? The answers may surprise us.

  • The Spirit in Man and the Spirit of God in Man

    It wasn't until the late 1960s that the Church began to focus on and understand more deeply the concept of "the spirit in man." Understanding how the Spirit of God can join with the spirit in man reveals one of the greatest miracles an individual can ever experience.

  • Life Lessons From Young People in the Bible

    There are numerous examples in the Bible showing that God starts working with people He chooses when they are young. Such examples teach us important lessons about how to succeed in life. Here are seven examples of life lessons from young people in the Bible.

  • The Quality of Mercy

    Christ described mercy as one of the weightier matters of the law, yet it is one that is sometimes difficult for us to fully comprehend and apply. He told the Pharisees to go and learn what it means, "I will have mercy and not sacrifice," and it is likewise important for all of us to try to understand this important aspect of God's way of life as fully as possible.

  • True Godliness: Substance Over Form

    What is true godliness? In 2 Timothy 3:5 we are told of those who have a form of godliness. Could that be us? We must seek substance over form.

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