• The Gospel According to Habakkuk

    The Minor Prophet, Habakkuk, went through a historical "great tribulation," the Babylonian captivity, and caught a glimpse of the Kingdom. That glimpse sustained him in the midst of very hard times. Habakkuk's experience can inspire us to hold on to the hope of the Kingdom in the hardest of times. Given 9/17/2016.

  • Are You a Steadfast Christian?

    We sometimes describe Christians as being 'steadfast.' What does that mean? How is steadfastness manifested? This sermon addresses these questions, and provides a description of a steadfast Christian. Given 8/27/2016

  • Our Ministry of Reconciliation

    The world in which we live is becoming increasingly polarized. There is animosity if not hatred on the international scene but also inside many nations. The Church is called to accomplish a ministry of reconciliation. What should we know about this, and how can we accomplish our mission? Given 6/18/2016.

  • I Will Come Again

    This world is in trouble. Violence, corruption and evil exist wherever you look. These three words - corrupt, evil and violent - are used to describe the world of Noah's day. And they are apt descriptors of our day. What is the solution? The promised return of Jesus Christ. What will that world look like and how will it be different from today's world. Given 7/2/2016.

  • The Decline of America

    The country that has been the leader of the free world is in trouble. What does the Scripure say about the condition and future of the United States? Given 5/14/2016

  • What is Your Prism?

    Prism is defined as a medium that distorts, slants, or colors whatever is viewed through it. We must ask ourselves through which prism are we looking at this world - God's prism or our own? It is important that we view and analyze things from God's perspective. Given 5/14/2016

  • The Battle for the Future

    A vital confrontation occured in an Israelite desert. At stake was the future of humanity. What can we learn from this spiritual battle? Given 4/06/2016.

  • Unity

    What is the price we should be willing to pay for unity in the Church? What part do you play in whether there is unity? We all have a part to play and we all bear some responsibility for unity. Given 3/5/2016.

  • Hall of Faith

    What can we learn about faith from Hebrews 11? One of the most difficult Scriptures in the Bible is Hebrews 11:1. It is also one of the most controversial. We can learn a great deal about faith by a study of Hebrews 11. Given 3/12/2016.

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