• Is it Sin to Eat in a Restaurant on the Sabbath?

    Many Sabbath-keepers have been troubled by this question: is is sin to eat in a restaurant on the Sabbath. This message provides a thorough biblical examination of the question.

  • The Power of Example

    The Apostle Paul told the young Timothy not to let anyone dispise his youth. How could Timothy impact whether or not people looked down on him because he was a younger man? The amazing answer lies in the incredible power of example. When we display godly principles in life, we can powerfully impact those younger, our own age and even those older than us.

  • Will He Find Faith on the Earth?

    Faith is an important part of any Christian's life and spiritual health. Jesus asked a poignant question while in the flesh, "Will He find faith on Earth" when He returns? It is vital that we maintain a robust faith in God and Jesus Christ as well as in their plan of salvation for humans.

  • To Reach Hearts With the Gospel

    Preaching the gospel continues to be a priority for God's people. Ancient Israel's reaction to having the gospel preached in the Old Testament should give us fair warning that it is not likely to be readily accepted by the majority in our modern nation either. Our job is the same as the prophets God sent in the Old Testament--preach God's Word. Some will respond and grow from it, but they will only be those with whom God is working.

  • Are We Grateful in the Way God Wants us to be?

    There are different ways people believe we can show God we are grateful. Just what is God looking for from us?

  • Human Relations

    One of the basics of Christianity is having proper and godly relationships with our fellow man -- which is a result of having a proper relationship with God.

  • Atonement 2012

    Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins. While Passover focuses us on what has already been done for us, the Day of Atonement focuses us on what is yet ahead as a result of Christ’s death. The father of sin will be dealt with by God.

  • The Three Requests of Moses

    If you could ask God for three things, what would they be? Moses did that at a time in his life. We would do well to make the same requests that he laid before God.

  • What the World Needs Now

    The world is desperately screaming out for help and doesn’t even realize it. This sermon is aimed at focusing everyone on the Feast of Tabernacles and what is in store in the future.