• Honor to Whom Honor

    In a world where disrespect is common, it is easy for the Christian to get caught up in that behavior.  But Scripture requires more than avoiding disrespect; it requires respect.  Respect toward our fellow humans and reverance toward God require a different way of thinking, and there is an important spiritual dimension.

  • Patience and the Plan of God

    We often want results fast in life.  God's plan is one that often involves the passage of time, which is also true in our lives as we learn and grow in faith.  Patience is an important element in the unfolding of God's great plan.

  • God’s Calling for Different Generations

    In the Church today we see a large number of members who are “2nd generation” (or 3rd, 4th, or 5th). There are a number of important differences between “1st generation” Christians—those God called straight out of the world—and those who grew up in God’s way of life. Understanding these differences can greatly affect the way we view our calling, repentance and baptism, issues we deal with in maturing spiritually, and how we develop and influence our children.

  • Do What Is Right

    Christians are called to do what is right before God in a world that often lives another way. How can we do what is right in spite of opposition?

  • Jesus Christ and the True Gospel

    Mark 8:35 states that if we lose our lives for Jesus Christ and the gospel, we will save our lives.  How does that work?  Are you willing to give up your life for Christ and the gospel?

  • Two Different Worlds

    We are very blessed in U.S. and western natiions.  Our brethren in the developing world live in very Spartan conditions.  It is important for us to have the same view as God about this world, and the world tomorrow.

  • Sheep Without a Shepherd

    We sometimes find ourselves swept up in conflicting emotions and attitudes as we view the turmoil and tragedy of today’s world.  Around us people take sides and lash out in anger and frustration at those who view events from a different perspective.  What seems evil and unjust to one seems totally justifiable to another.  But Christians are taught to approach life from a different perspective – to have the mind of Jesus Christ.  Just what is the mind of Jesus Christ as He views the chaos of today’s world?

  • Esther and God’s Hand

    The Book of Esther doesn't have God's name in it, but it has God's fingerprints all over it. We can see "God's providence" in the book, and in our lives.

  • French Region Update 2014

    An update on the Work being done in the French- speaking regions of the world.

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