• The Spirit in Man and the Spirit of God in Man

    For a human to receive the Spirit of God is truly a marvelous miracle. This sermon explores how the Church came to understand about the spirit in man, and examines the scriptural implications of what it means for a human to receive the Holy Spirit.

  • Bringing Many Sons to Glory

    The recent Ministerial Conference focused on God's overriding purpose in creating humans--to bring many sons to glory in His family.

  • Established on Better Promises

    The book of Hebrews tells us about the New Covenant and says it was established on better promises. While eternal life is a part of that, that isn't the only promise involved. In fact, the New Covenant could not come into existence until the fulfillment of an ancient promise that is intimately tied to Pentecost.

  • God’s People Keep His Commandments

    God shared His mind and His love with the nation of Israel by giving them the ten commandments. For the Church He has added the Holy Spirit to make it possible to keep the commandments in the spirit and to repent when we fail. Jesus said all the law and the prophets hang on the two great commandments: love toward God and love toward neighbor.

  • What Kind of Student Are You?

    Education is important historically in the Church. We are all disciples which means pupil or student. What does it take to be a good student?

  • An Offering of Firstfruits

    God ordained a special offering of firstfruits, linked to the Feast of Pentecost, to be presented to Him by the Israelites. This ceremony attending this offering teaches important lessons for Christians today.

  • Four Keys to Your Spiritual Game Plan

    This message analogizes four athletic coaching/playing approaches to biblical strategies God's people must implement as we "run the race" toward our finish line (1 Corinthians 9:24-27).

  • The School of Hard Knocks

    Our experiences in life can be a great educational tool--if we learn from them.

  • Meaning of Life

    Why were you born? What is the meaning of life? Passover and Unleavened Bread are the first two steps in the plan of salvation.