• Meaning of Life

    Why were you born? What is the meaning of life? Passover and Unleavened Bread are the first two steps in the plan of salvation.

  • Speaking the Truth in Love

    The Scriptures exhort us to "speak the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15). But is it possible to speak the truth without loving? Or to speak lies in love? And if so, what is our standard as followers of Jesus Christ?

  • Spiritual Maturity

    We mature physically and emtionally with the passage of time as humans. However, what does God's Word say about "spiritual maturity"? What does God's Word say about one who is spiritually mature?

  • Our Special Calling

    Many in the Christian world believe they are called and converted. However, what is involved in God's unique calling of His people? The scripture shows the very unique and special involvement that God has in calling us to be a part of His Church.

  • Peter’s Training and us

    The training Peter received that helped him grow into the powerful Apostle and leader in the early Church God intended him to become.

  • How Do You Get From Rom 8:7 to Phil 2:5?

    Scripture tells us that Christianity is a journey from the carnal mind to the mind of Jesus Christ, and its ultimate goal is something called perfection. Can a converted Christian be carnal? And how can I ever hope to be perfect? The answers to these questions can be both sobering and encouraging. Given 01/26/2013 by Mr. David Johnson.

  • Christ’s Message to the 21st Century Church

    Would you like some instructions from Christ on how to handle the individual and collective challenges of the 21st century? He's already written them for us, and it relates to the theme for this Winter Family Weekend.

  • The Way of the Righteous

    The theme of this Winter Family Weekend is "Pursue Righteousness". This Bible Study focuses on the complex, poetic nature of the book of Psalms and focuses on some of the depth of meaning in Psalm 1, one of the most familiar chapters in the book. (NOTE: Click the Transcript Download to get the PowerPoint file that accompanies the study.)

  • What is Christianity?

    Many people claim to be Christian. But just what is Christianity? This sermon answers this question.