• The Three Requests of Moses

    If you could ask God for three things, what would they be? Moses did that at a time in his life. We would do well to make the same requests that he laid before God.

  • What the World Needs Now

    The world is desperately screaming out for help and doesn’t even realize it. This sermon is aimed at focusing everyone on the Feast of Tabernacles and what is in store in the future.

  • Why Christ Must Return

    There are many reasons why Jesus Christ must return to earth. This sermon examines eight of those reasons

  • The Feast of Tabernacles is Part of God’s Law

    God has revealed His holy days to His Church. We recognize that they are a part of God’s law now and will be in the future. It is important we remind ourselves of what God actually taught through His inspired word.

  • The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

    In Ephesians 5:31-32, Paul – when speaking of a married couple becoming one flesh – describes human love as a great mystery concerning Christ and the Church. He is speaking of the Greatest Love Story Ever Told.

  • Christians and Conscience

    One of the most complex things to understand in our minds is our conscience. What is the conscience? How important is it in shaping the way you think and live? What role does the conscience play in the life of a Christian? Living in a world where its conscience is confused and self-centered, how can God reconstruct our thoughts, shape our understanding, and guide our steps in a pure conscience?

  • Abraham-A Friend of God

    Abraham is called a friend of God and father of the faithful. What important lessons can we learn from his example?

  • What God Says It Will Take to Have Peace on Earth - Part 2

    The world espouses many paths to world peace. The Bible clearly shows the one and only path that will bring world peace.

  • Security in the Tenth Commandment

    God’s commandments are for our benefit. We would not know that to covet is not only harmful to us but is also a sin unless God revealed it to us in scripture.  Breaking this 10th Commandment is the source of many of the problems we face in our modern lives.