• The Tree of Life

    The conditions in the world confirm that man has chosen the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We should be choosing from the tree of life. What does that mean?

    Given at Orange Beach Feast of Tabernacles

  • Why do Christians Keep the Holy Days?

    Those who reject the keeping of the annual holy days like to attack the twigs in hope of toppling the tree. What are the "trunk of the tree" reasons for Christians to keep the holy days, and how can we explain those "twiggy" scriptures? This message will focus on four fundamental principles that undeniably show that the holy days are to be kept today.

  • Spiritual Blindness

    God wants His people to have vision and understand the realities of life and the Christian Journey. There are spiritual principles for us to be mindful if we are to "see" and have the vision and understanding God desires for us.

  • By This Shall All Men Know

    Christ taught His disciples a "new commandment". The newness of this admonition was HOW they were to love one another. Christ expects the same from His people today.

  • The Message that Built the Church

    Christ fulfilled His promise to build His Church, but what was the message that He used to reach people? What evidence do we find in Acts that demonstrates how the apostles went about preaching, and what lessons can we glean for today?

  • Answering for Your Beliefs

    If you were called before a draft board and had to defend your belief on military service what would you say?  How convicted are you about what you believe?

  • Update on Spring Pastoral Trip

    An audio-visual overview of the Spring Pastoral Trip to French Africa, with some lessons we can learn from what is happening in the world.

  • Honoring God with our Holy Day Offerings

    To show how offerings are an essential part of our calling into a relationship with God…And the Holy Day Offering is in fact holy.

  • I See Something in You

    God formed man in His image.  We understand that man has an incredible potential to be part of the family of God.  What exactly do we mean by the expression "the incredible human potential."

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