• The Sorrow of Repentance

    The blessing of repenance is a gift that comes from God. The "Sorrow of Repentance" addresses the depth and fullness of our personal repentance.

  • Eternal Judgment

    Evangelical Christianity warns of a future cosmic courtroom where Christians will be judged.  Is that what Scripture really says?  Eternal judgment is one of the fundamental doctrines of Hebrews 6.  Is it something to be feared?  Can judgment be positive?  And how will we judge angels?

  • Train up a Child

    Teaching our children is probably the most essential aspect of childrearing. This sermon focuses on why it is so important, godly principles of teaching, and practical application. The handout mentioned is available upon request from Clyde Kilough.

  • Answering the Call

    Christians are told that their calling is holy and should be seen as being summoned to a work and a duty. Like those before us, we are called from something, for something, and to something. Are we keeping that calling before us? Are we courageously answering God's call to greatness?

  • Escaping the Evil

    Our theme for Winter Family Weekend is "Escape from the World--Living a Godly Life in the Satan's World". The best way to avoid things that are worldly (or ungodly) is to do things that are godly!

  • Traveling by Spiritual GPS

    Analogy of using a GPS to get us where we are going. As Christians, our common destination is the Kingdom of God. Spiritually, we must set our destination correctly, then depend on God's Spirit to take us safely there.

  • Abide

    John 15 tells us to “abide in Christ.” What does it mean to abide? How do we abide? What is produced by our abiding in Him?

  • Take Heed-Do Not Be Deceived

    When the disciples asked Jesus about when His kingdom would be established, His first words were a warning about the danger of religious deception. Paul later warned about those in the end time who would be deceived by the miraculous signs of the "Man of sin." What would be the nature of teaching that had the power to actually deceive the servants of God? Can knowledge of those characteristics help protect us from spiritual deception?

  • Spiritual Drift

    Hebrews 2:1 warns us not to "drift away." This is a nautical term, but used here in a spiritual sense. Have we drifted away from the principles we committed to when God called us? Has the Church drifted from those principles? How can we avoid spiritual drifting?

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