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    A Lesson on Love From an FOI Project

    While overseeing an FOI project in Malawi, I was impressed by the volunteers’ example of love and service. How do love and service connect? As I write this, I’m watching two...Read More

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    “I’m Bored and No One Can Hang Out”

    A game plan for beating boredom and capitalizing on free time. Have you ever counted down the days till sweet summer vacation, only to find yourself bored when it arrived?...Read More

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    What Happens at the Passover Service?

    As a teen, I wondered about the Passover. What do Christians do at the New Testament Passover service? What does it all mean? When I was 10, my parents were baptized and we started...Read More

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    Grudges: A Breeding Ground for Spiritual Parasites!

    Parasites dwell inside living beings, feasting on the nutrients of the host’s body. Far worse, our minds can breed parasites that destroy our spiritual life. Physical parasites can...Read More

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    Is the Dark Side Awakening in You?

    A theme of the Star Wars saga is the choice between the “light side” and the “dark side” of the force. Christians actually face a very similar choice. Once again, entreaties of “Don’t...Read More

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    Social Media: Whose Approval Are We Seeking?

    Teens and young adults spend many hours interacting with others on social media. But what are our motivations for our interactions on social media? In the last decade, social media...Read More

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    Lessons From the Long Jump

    A summer spent correcting my form for this track-and-field event taught me three important spiritual lessons about developing good spiritual form. Last spring, I was invited to join...Read More

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    God’s Way: A Journey of Self-Discovery

    Everyone wonders who they are at some point in their life. As a part of God’s Church, you can know not only who you are—but who you can be! Who are you? It’s likely that you’ve...Read More

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    Knowing or Understanding?

    The Bible is the most important book we can own. Yet owning or even reading it doesn’t mean we understand it. What are some keys to understanding the Bible? The American inventor...Read More

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