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    Lessons From the Long Jump

    A summer spent correcting my form for this track-and-field event taught me three important spiritual lessons about developing good spiritual form. Last spring, I was invited to join...Read More

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    God’s Way: A Journey of Self-Discovery

    Everyone wonders who they are at some point in their life. As a part of God’s Church, you can know not only who you are—but who you can be! Who are you? It’s likely that you’ve...Read More

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    Knowing or Understanding?

    The Bible is the most important book we can own. Yet owning or even reading it doesn’t mean we understand it. What are some keys to understanding the Bible? The American inventor...Read More

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    A Life of Greatness

    Are we called to a life of greatness? What made King David or Moses great in God’s eyes? Can we be like them? How great can the life of a Christian be? While reading a recent teen...Read More

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    Slipping Away From God

    Slipping away from God is a constant danger for teens in God’s Church. We should stay alert that we don’t slip! There are times when we are tempted by our own desires and there are...Read More

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    Bug Patrol

    At camp, a friend and I searched for unwelcome bugs in the tent with a flashlight. How can we search for and get rid of the spiritual bugs in our lives? In 2008 I attended Camp...Read More

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    What Is Your Legacy?

    The Bible is full of stories that teach us important lessons. What will your story be? A lesson on bad decisions? Or of faith and dedication to God’s way? As we study the Bible, we...Read More

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    3 Ways to Handle Anger

    Occasionally, we find ourselves in situations that lead to anger. Often this is a result of the actions of others. How should a Christian deal with anger? Do you struggle with anger?...Read More

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    The Feast of Tabernacles: Is It Worth It?

    For seven days God’s people live in temporary dwellings—away from their everyday lives. Doing so requires sacrifice and a lot of work. Is the Feast of Tabernacles worth it? A high...Read More

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