• Observing Times-What’s the Problem? Pt 2

    We continue the study of God's prohibition against 'observing times.' We also distinguish this practice from something else, which God actually commands.

  • The Law, Part 2

    Part 2 of the explanation and context of God's Law which never is out of date or oblolete.

  • Appreciate God’s Blessings

    Do we really understand how blessed we are? If we do, we will be positive minded and free of worries.

  • Fight the Good Fight

    Christians are told to fight the good fight. We must do this without getting distracted, and with tenacity and commitment, up to the end of our fight.

  • Observing Times-What’s the Problem? Pt 1

    We explore God's oft-repeated Biblical prohibition against 'observing times.'  What exactly is 'observing times?'  Why is God so against it?  What is the underlying spiritual problem with this practice?

  • Christians Must Have Faith

    Understanding faith in our daily lives. How to strengthen faith by believing God and associating with others who share your faith.

  • The Danger of Spiritual Sloth

    In the Middle Ages a list called “the Seven Deadly Sins” was composed. One of those sins is sloth. Could sloth, laziness, really be that deadly? What does the Bible say about it, and how can we avoid it?

  • Complaints Against the Landowner

    We study the parable of Matthew 20:1-16, for applicability to members of God's Church in current times.

  • The Law, Part 1

    God's law given to man shows man how to live a happy, productive life. God did not do away with the law as some have thought, rather He magnified the law.

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