• Don’t Eat the Marshmallow

    Try tempting children not to eat a marshmallow for 15 minutes, in exchange for two marshmallows later. It's an important lesson for kids -- and for Christians.

  • Stay on the Path (FI Baccalaureate Sermon)

    Instructions for FI graduates. Stay on the path, the narrow way.

  • What is Your Identity?

    Every person who ever lived has their own unique identity. But what is our identity as the people of God? The meaning of Pentecost offers important insight to God's perspective.

  • What Did You Learn in School Today?

    While formal education in a classroom has its place, Christians are supposed to learn from life. But learning involves more than acquiring head-knowledge. Complete learning enables us to share what we have learned with others. How well have we learned the special truths revealed in Scripture?

  • People of All Languages Will Serve Him

    Differences in languages have caused division since the Tower of Babel. Words have and are used as weapons. What will bring about true and godly unity among people, and cause people of all languages to serve Him?

  • The Missing Dimension in Holy Convocations

    We all know that weekly Sabbath services are important, but why does God specifically call them "holy convocations?" What does it actually mean to "worship"God? If we're supposed to "remember" the Sabbath in advance in order to be properly prepared, are we supposed to prepare for the holy convocation? And finally, why do we conduct services the way we do?

  • The Discipline of Sanctification

    “Be you therefore perfect” is the goal set before us. This sermon asks and answers the question, “What do we do and why do we do it”?

  • A Different Kind of Unity

    With the emphasis Scripture places upon unity, it is clear that all of us have a responsibility to promote godly unity in the Church. Unity is strengthened by shared beliefs, values, and actions, but is that all there is? What about intergenerational unity? What does God expect of the different age groups that make up the Church today?

  • Five Stones: Do You Need All Five?

    Do you have the faith for God to heal you? Do you have the faith for God not to heal you?

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