• A Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets

    This sermon is a Feast of Trumpets message.  Why is this festival called a "memorial" of the blowing of trumpets?  The dual role of the prophetic aspect of this Holy Day is explored in this message.

  • Doctrine of the Resurrections

    One of the unique doctrinal beliefs within the Church of God is that this is not the only day of salvation. Unlike the world, which believes in the pagan doctrine of the immortality of the soul, we believe in the resurrection of all who ever lived. Scripture clearly teaches that God's plan includes three general resurrections. This message examines that teaching and shows why it is so important to Christians. Given 6/29/2013

  • Transformation

    Jesus Christ is returning to this earth soon, and this will mean transformation, both for the saints of God, and for the world. Do we know when? Not the day and the hour, but the general time frame, yes.

  • Could You Rule a City?

    Christians are to rule with Christ at His return. Scriptures indicate rulership over nations and cities. Would you know how to rule a city? How can we prepare for that?

  • Four Enemies of Faith

    Matthew quotes Jesus four times using the phrase, "O you of little faith," and in each situation He reveals an important factor that works in humans to diminish our faith. Will Christ find faith on the earth when He returns? That depends on how well we understand and fight these enemies.

  • Bringing Many Sons to Glory

    The recent Ministerial Conference focused on God's overriding purpose in creating humans--to bring many sons to glory in His family.

  • Established on Better Promises

    The book of Hebrews tells us about the New Covenant and says it was established on better promises. While eternal life is a part of that, that isn't the only promise involved. In fact, the New Covenant could not come into existence until the fulfillment of an ancient promise that is intimately tied to Pentecost.

  • God’s People Keep His Commandments

    God shared His mind and His love with the nation of Israel by giving them the ten commandments. For the Church He has added the Holy Spirit to make it possible to keep the commandments in the spirit and to repent when we fail. Jesus said all the law and the prophets hang on the two great commandments: love toward God and love toward neighbor.

  • What Kind of Student Are You?

    Education is important historically in the Church. We are all disciples which means pupil or student. What does it take to be a good student?

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