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Look What I Found!

When I found a lady’s watch, I wondered who had lost it. Should I instead have wondered why there weren’t many more of them, randomly and naturally formed?

It’s amazing what you find on the streets of Americana. I jog for exercise, and while doing so I’ve found knives, pens, even money—though not much, mostly pennies, nickels and quarters.

A few years ago, I found a lady’s watch. What puzzles me, based on what many people believe, is that I haven’t found more. In more than 50 years of jogging, that is the only lady’s watch I’ve found. Using the reasoning of some, we might expect that there should be thousands more out there, but there aren’t. I’ll explain in a minute.


A while back a popular website posted this as its quote of the day: “The uniformity of the earth’s life, more astonishing than its diversity, is accountable by the high probability that we derived, originally, from some single cell, fertilized in a bolt of lightning as the earth cooled”—Lewis Thomas.

That is an incredible statement! Yet it simplifies what most evolutionists believe happened millions of years ago: All life owes its origin to some ancient single cell floating in the soup of a primeval swamp. From this one cell eventually evolved the marvelous, creative, intelligent beings today that we label humankind.

No scientist will deny that the human body and mind are far more complex than a plane, car, computer or lady’s watch. So, if humans could evolve from that single cell, surely a watch could randomly form from all that is presently existing out there in the soil!

Compared to a watch …

Watches are amazing little gadgets, but think about our bodies for a moment. We ingest a wide variety of food each day, and somehow our bodies turn it into exactly what we need to perform all our complex functions. Our food provides calories for warmth and energy and vitamins and minerals to sustain and repair all the parts of our fabulous bodies.

When I jog or exert myself in the summer, a number of things automatically happen. I begin to breathe faster, and my heart rate increases to supply the oxygen and blood flow needed for the extra effort. I don’t have to flip a switch or turn a dial to change all these things taking place within me. They just happen—or do they?

In time I will begin to sweat, and the evaporative effect of that moisture will help keep me cooler. Two patches of hair above my eyes will divert the sweat from my brow to the sides, away from my eyes.

My body’s largest organ is my skin, made up of billions of cells. They work together to close my pores in cold weather and open them in hot weather. They allow perspiration to escape, but keep the water out as I swim. As I understand it, that skin replaces itself every seven years or so. If there is a cut or scrape, it will repair itself. Can you imagine a car where the scrapes, dents or rust spots grow new metal and paint?

How marvelous the human body is! It all starts out with the uniting of two cells that begin a programmed dividing. These are smart cells, having intelligence in the form of DNA that directs what each new cell will become—skin, bone, flesh, hair, eyes, brain cells, etc.

That lady’s watch I found was nice, but nowhere near as complex as my body. I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had tried to convince me that the watch had never belonged to anyone. That it hadn’t been lost. That it had randomly formed over time from the minerals in the soil nearby.

Even if someone had tried to convince me that everything that made up that watch is present in the soil—silica to make the crystal, minerals to produce the metal, petroleum from which a plastic band could be formed—there is no way I would have believed that story. Yes, those substances are plentiful in many areas and have been there for millions of years. But it’s obvious and clear to me—indeed to all of us—that it was made by someone.

If we realize that someone made that watch, shouldn’t we also recognize that someone made these incredible human bodies that are far more complex?  

There is a Designer

I believe that there is a Creator and Designer who is the source of all that we see. In His kindness and love He has brought us into existence and wants to share eternity with us.

He has allowed me to have a taste of that life, and I am looking forward to enjoying much more of it!

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