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Announcements for November 30, 2017

Submitting Applications for Foundation Institute

From David Johnson: Foundation Institute, Center for Biblical Education, invites interested applicants to begin submitting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year. This will be our first year in our new facility, and we will have adequate room for more applicants than ever before.

Foundation Institute offers a nine-month program of focused biblical education coupled with classes on practical application of biblical principles in daily life. Our goal is to provide an enhanced understanding of the Scriptures and to build a solid spiritual foundation for those who wish to serve more effectively in their Christian lives.

Tuition remains unchanged this year, and we plan to maintain our housing arrangements with the apartment complex, so we will be able to provide economical, convenient and safe housing for incoming students. Details about costs, facilities and classes are available on the Foundation Institute website at

While our target audience primarily includes young adults, we also welcome applications from not-so-young adults who wish to participate in the program. Most applicants will be 20 years of age or older, but we will also consider those who will be 19 by Dec. 31 if they also have a year of college or formal post-secondary training.

As much as we desire to have international students attend FI, at this point we are still unable to offer visa assistance to those applying from outside the United States. If and when that situation changes, we will make a public announcement.

If you would like to become a Foundation Institute student, please go to the Foundation Institute website, download and complete an application, and submit it to us as soon as possible. We normally try to accept our first group of students by Passover time. If adequate space remains after that point, we will continue to accept applications until May 31, 2018.