May 21, 2020

Plans for resuming Sabbath services

May 30 is the earliest date U.S. congregations will resume meeting for weekly services. Pastors have guidelines for deciding when and how to start meeting together again and will convey those to the members in their congregations. Circumstances vary from place to place and country to country, of course, so the opportunities to begin meeting together will likewise vary widely.

Feast of Pentecost

We will be webcasting one service from headquarters on the Feast of Pentecost, Sunday, May 31, at 12 p.m. Central Daylight Time. While the service is timed for U.S. congregations, brethren anywhere else in the world are welcome to join us, of course. The holy day offering will be collected in the same manner as during the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Sabbath services in May

On May 23 and 30 we will be webcasting a full Sabbath service from headquarters at 12 p.m. Central Daylight Time. The headquarters webcast can be accessed by going to (no password necessary) or your Roku channel. Simultaneous translations in Spanish and in French are also provided on and Roku. Congregations hosting webcasts have their information posted in alphabetical order on If your church area is not listed, contact your pastor to receive information about your local webcast.

Feast of Tabernacles in Greece

Based on several factors and the information currently available to us, we believe it is prudent to postpone having a Feast site in Greece until 2021. The government of Greece required all hoteliers to give tourists a voucher extending to 18 months the time in which they may use their deposit. Vouchers have been sent to the members registered for Greece who had made their hotel reservations. If the voucher is not used within 18 months, the deposit will be refunded.

Important Festival registration update

If you have not yet registered, we ask that all COGWA households, whether attending in the U.S. or internationally, complete the online Festival registration. Three U.S. Feast sites—Park City, Tucson and Orange Beach—are now closed due to having reached capacity.

If adult members in one household are attending different sites, you will need to register individually. We also ask that those not attending please register as well by selecting NOT ATTENDING as their site choice. This gives us more accurate figures for planning.

You can register by clicking on the “Registration” button at (Or you can go directly to if you already know where you want to attend.) The email address of the registrant will be used to identify that person’s or family’s registration account.

COGWA Youth Camps update

Our camp directors recommended that all five of our June U.S. preteen camps be canceled due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic. As we mentioned last month, our camp team is developing some online classes and activities for our preteens that will be available for parents to access in early July.

While we are currently still planning to operate all of our teen camps, which run from late July through mid-August, and our preteen Camp Arrowhead in Ohio, which is scheduled for August, we hope to have further clarity by early June.

Foundation Institute currently accepting applications

We are still planning to begin our next year of classes at Foundation Institute as scheduled, on Aug. 23. If you have been considering attending Foundation Institute next year, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

You can download and mail your application, or you can complete and submit it online. Start the process either way by going to the Foundation Institute website ( and clicking on the “Apply Now” link at the top of the page. Further details about the program and its costs are also available on the Foundation Institute website. It is important that your application be submitted by May 31, and sooner if possible.

Rights to privacy

The Church’s long-standing policy is that pastors should not share prayer requests about any member’s health situation unless the member who is ill gives specific permission and makes such a request. Federal law (HIPAA) also prohibits this for a number of people in various professions. We urge all members to be mindful of that guideline as well. Even though we are well-meaning, we should respect people’s right to privacy and their right to be the first to disclose their personal health information at the time and in the manner of their choosing. This is especially applicable during this time of uncertainty with COVID-19. If there is a situation where some confusion or uncertainty exists on the part of the member and/or pastor, the pastor is encouraged to contact Ministerial Services for advice.

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