Building Update - August 10, 2018

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On Aug. 2, we held our 20th meeting on the building site with Highland Builders. We are making progress! The major news this week is the completion of the steel outer structure and the first covering of aluminum for the roof.

The frame for the air-conditioning units that goes on top of the building has also been installed. The city of McKinney requires that we build a blind around the roof (sort of like a parapet) to prevent anyone from seeing the air-conditioning units that will be installed on the roof. Living in North Texas, where the temperatures get into the 100-degree-Fahrenheit range, you know how important air-conditioning is. It will require more than one large unit to adequately cool the building, with 17,000 square feet of space. As soon as the roof is completed, the units will be installed so that they will be ready to go once the building is enclosed and interior work begins. Without the air-conditioning, it would be unbearable to work inside the building.

The superintendent on the job for Highland, Kelly Bradbury, informed us at the meeting that we have not experienced any delays in the past three weeks. So we are currently on a good streak when it comes to building.

Of course, the work crews will lose four work days in September and early October because of the holy days. The first Monday in September is also a national holiday. Essentially, for the month of September, the crews will only be working four-day workweeks when you take into consideration the fact that Monday, Sept. 3, is Labor Day; Monday, Sept. 10, is the Feast of Trumpets; Wednesday, Sept. 19, is the Day of Atonement; Monday, Sept. 24, is the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles; and Monday, Oct. 1, is the Last Great Day. Although these days were all planned for in the original schedule, there will still be some additional delay that will impact the finish date of the building, but we are fine with that.

Earlier this week, Kelly Bradbury sent us some pictures from the site that I thought you would be interested in seeing. These pictures give you an idea of how much steel has now been installed. The roof is basically enclosed and the side walls should be going up in the next couple of days. Once the building is enclosed, which should be in 10 to 14 days, the interior walls will be constructed. We have ordered all the stone that will be on the outside of the building, and the tile for the front is on its way from Italy. All is looking good!


In addition to the pictures, I am sure you will enjoy the latest drone footage that has been taken over the past couple of weeks and is attached to this update.

The next update will be on Friday, Aug. 24. We are finally getting there! As of today, the project is at the halfway point based on the estimated number of work days required for completion.