Building Update – July 20, 2018

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Each week we are seeing additional progress with the building. The weather is still a factor, with temperatures predicted to reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) in the Dallas area over the weekend. Hopefully there will be a break by the middle of next week, when the temperature is predicted to drop back into the 90s.

We now have all the concrete poured, which was a big challenge given the extremely hot weather. The effect of the hot weather is now mostly with the workers. It is dangerous for anyone working outside in these extreme temperatures, so much of the work is still being done in the mornings when the temperature is a “cool” 90 degrees.

With all the concrete poured and the fire lanes marked off, we are ready for one more inspection from the city. Before we can erect any steel structure, the McKinney Fire Department must sign a statement saying we are compliant with all fire lane requirements. During our meeting on Thursday, July 19, Highland informed us that once we receive the approval from the fire department and have it confirmed by the city, we can begin construction of the building itself within the hour. At the close of work on Thursday, we were still waiting on the final approval from the fire department.

I am writing this report on Friday morning and before the day is over, we expect to see steel pillars being lowered into position by a large crane and then bolted to the foundation. I believe there are 30 of these steel pillars. Once this is done, the outside walls will begin taking shape, followed by the roof. Within a couple of weeks, the building should be enclosed. I am told things “really go fast” when you reach this point in construction. I have to admit with all the delays, I am more than ready for things to “really go fast.”

Please check out this week’s drone footage from the property. We continue to do these videos every two week so you can have a visual idea of how things are going. Excitement is certainly growing! I will write another update in two weeks.