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Getting the Most Out of Your Camera—and Your Bible!

Written by Andrew Travers

Getting a new camera, or any other gadget, can be exciting. I found that learning how to use my camera was similar to learning how to gain the most from the Bible. Several years ago, I...


How to Step Out on Faith: Lessons From the Story of Barak

Written by Kelli Johnson

The story of Deborah and Barak has interesting twists, but ultimately it is a story of faith and submission to God. Few stories strengthen my faith more than those that require their hero...


Beware the Pedestal: What to Do When Someone Lets You Down

Written by Eddie Foster

In life we encounter many people we look up to in various ways. It is not wrong to admire certain people, but what do we do when they let us down? Who do you look up to? Most of us have...


Mustering Up the Courage

Written by Kendrick Diaz

Everyone has fears. Everyone has weaknesses. Whether or not we give in to them, though, is the real test. What does God suggest we do? Courage. It’s one of those terms that’s difficult to...


Is It Okay to Compromise?

Written by Kendrick Diaz

We all face issues in life where we have to choose between obedience to God or compromise. How should we handle these difficult times? God’s way of life can be hard. Jesus Christ, who...


A Guiding Light

Written by Tatiana Meeker

If you have ever experienced complete darkness, you know how disconcerting it can be. Life can be like that, until you reach for the light.   Imagine being hundreds of feet underground in...


Never Stop Fighting!

Written by JoAnna Porter

There are times a dad’s advice gets forgotten or tossed away. But there’s a piece of advice my father gave me that I will never forget—to never stop fighting.   Years ago, during one of...


4 Keys to Relating to People Who Leave the Church

Written by Jacob Golden

Chances are we all know people who have left the Church. How can we have a relationship with people who have left the truth? Should we associate with them? We know that experiencing loss is always...


The Interesting Relationship Between Fear and Love

Written by Joshua Travers

The Bible teaches that love and fear are opposites. How does the Bible define true love, and why is love the opposite of fear? Everyone dreams about love, but few realize what it actually...