WFW Registration FAQ

Q – Why is there an event fee for everyone aged 13 and up attending WFW?
A – We ask for this to help offset the cost of running the weekend. If you’re not involved in any of the sporting events, that’s the only fee you'll pay. Those playing sports will be asked to pay a sports activity fee in addition to the event fee. The weekend is still subsidized by the Church, but this enables us to get a little help from all of the teens and adults who attend.

Q – Must every family register in addition to booking our hotel room?
A – Yes, we are asking that every household also registers. This is different than in the past because we are asking for a $10 per person event fee for everyone aged 13 and up. Not only does this reduce the amount of subsidy needed from the Church, but it is also a tremendous help to know how to plan for all the non-sports events, including Sabbath services.

Q – Why is the adult men's basketball fee higher than the fee for all other sports?
A – This is the only sport for which we hire outside officials. We still pay out a lot more than we collect, but this higher fee helps offset some of the extra costs.

Q – If I play adult men's basketball, must I also pay the $10 fee for volleyball or another sport?
A – No, one sports activity fee covers you for all sports in which you wish to participate.

Q – Must every person register separately?
A – No. We only need those aged 13 and up who are playing a sport to register separately so we can plan for court time and team needs. We recommend that the head of household register and calculate the appropriate fee amount for the whole family—then additionally register everyone aged 13 and up who is playing a sport. When registering a family member who is playing sports, leave the 'fee-calcualtion' fields blank and that family member will recieve an email with a zero balance due.

Q – Why does the online receipt always show $0 due when I complete or update my registration?
A – Due to the way we charge, our online vendor could not readily suggest a good way to set it up. Therefore the “fee calculation” fields were created and your fee is included near the bottom of the confirmation email message.

Q – Each family member who registers can enter the total number of family members attending. Doesn’t this throw off your count of attendees?
A – Yes it does. We ask that only the paying household member note how many preteens and total family members will be attending and that all others leave those attendance questions blank.

Q – I noticed the confirmation email includes a link, login and password at the bottom which allows access to my registration via a portal. Is my information secure and what is the purpose for that option?
A – Yes, your information is secure as long as you keep that email and the password it contains secure. The purpose is so that if things change (i.e. a member of a sports team changes teams, gets on a team, the captain changes, the number of family members attending changes, etc.) you can make those changes yourself. You are also given the opportunity to change your password once you log in. If you have questions or problems, contact