WFW Registration FAQ

Q – Why is there an event fee for everyone aged 13 and up attending WFW?
A – We ask for this to help offset the cost of running the weekend. If you’re not involved in any of the sporting events, that’s the only fee you'll pay. Those playing sports will be asked to pay a sports activity fee in addition to the event fee. The weekend is still subsidized by the Church, but this enables us to get a little help from all of the teens and adults who attend.

Q – Must every family register in addition to booking our hotel room?
A – Yes, we are asking that every household also registers. This is different than in the past because we are asking for a $10 per person event fee for everyone aged 13 and up. Not only does this reduce the amount of subsidy needed from the Church, but it is also a tremendous help to know how to plan for all the non-sports events, including Sabbath services.

Q – Why is the adult men's basketball fee higher than the fee for all other sports?
A – This is the only sport for which we hire outside officials. We still pay out a lot more than we collect, but this higher fee helps offset some of the extra costs.

Q – If I play adult men's basketball, must I also pay the $10 fee for volleyball or another sport?
A – No, one sports activity fee covers you for all sports in which you wish to participate.

Q – Must every person register separately?
A – No, with out new registration system we only need each 'primary contact' for a household to register. The form allows the primary contact to enter detailed activity information for each teen and adult family member on the second page and calculates a fee for the entire household on page 3. Additionally page three collects attendance information on all attendees in the family (including preteens and infants) so we know how to plan for all the non-sports events, including Sabbath services.
NOTE: If a college student still living at home was listed by their pastor as a 'primary contact' and receives a registration email, we're asking them to go ahead and register and to have their parent NOT include them with the parent registration form. (Of course the parents are welcome to PAY for their college student!).

Q – I see online payments are now an option with a new tab on the navigation bar. Doesn't that add to the cost of the activity?
A – Yes it does. However the fee for e-Checks is very small and does not increase regardless of the dollar amount. We are happy to absorb that cost for you. Credit cards and debits card, however, not only have an transaction fee but also include a fee based on the dollar amount. Our online payment company has given us an excellent rate and extended the same low rates for this additional payment gateway, but it will get more costly for us to absorb that. Therefore, if you wish to use a credit or debit card, we ask that you add $3.00 to the amount shown on your registration form to cover those fees.

Q – What if need to make changes to my registration, such as add or delete a family member, change what team someone is on or what activities they wish to participate in? How can I make those changes?
A – We are working on a way for people to make changes to their registrations, but our database just got populated with data in late November so we do not have that system developed yet. For now, please send an email with any change to and he will have to make those changes manually.