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We invite you to join your fellow friends and family members for a weekend of fun, fellowship and learning at this year’s COGWA Winter Family Weekend!

The weekend starts off with Bible studies geared toward all ages, followed by Sabbath morning seminars and Sabbath school—all centered around our selected theme. 

The non-Sabbath time is filled with more fellowship, continuing education seminars and other group activities—such as sports, dances, axe throwing, bowling and laser tag, cornhole, jam sessions, live bands, preteen activities and art classes, visual art show, games, Louisville experiences, family fun fair, a free pizza dinner and more. The weekend has proven to be fun for all ages! 

When is it?
Friday, Dec. 23- Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2022

Where is it?
The beautiful and newly renovated Galt House Hotel and Convention Center
140 N. Fourth Street, Louisville, KY 40202

What is this year’s theme?
This year’s theme is “Walking by Faith,” based on 2 Corinthians 4:18. 
We see and believe God’s wonderful long-term promises of Christ’s return, our resurrection as spirit beings, and the establishment of His Kingdom. But in the short term, when we’re facing the unknown, life’s challenges can loom large and test our faith. It’s in those times, when we can’t clearly see what lies ahead, that we need the confidence to base our life decisions not on what we see going on around us, but on everything God has taught and promised. At this year’s Winter Family Weekend, we will explore the keys that will enable us to “walk by faith, not by sight”!  

Do I need to register? If so, when and how? 
Yes! We will open registration via a link in your COGWA member portal on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022. 
A link to registration will also be posted on the registration page of this website. 

Are there any fees?
All attendees aged 13+ are charged a WFW event fee of $15 (if paid by Dec. 22) or $20 (if paid after Dec. 22). There are no registration or sports fees for anyone under the age of 13**.

Sports* (all inclusive) is $20 per person (if paid by Dec. 22) or $25 per person (if paid after Dec. 22).
The maximum sports fee per family (all living under one roof) is $100. 

There are additional special activities* that may require a fee, such as the Main Event, axe throwing, roller skating, Taste and Tour of Louisville, etc. These fees will be posted prior to opening the Winter Family Weekend registration portal. 

*The fees for the special activities are in addition to the sports and registration fees and do not count towards your maximum sports charge per family.
**Registering a preteen for a teen sport will result in a sports fee

There are no additional fees for activities such as the dances, jam sessions, preteen art classes, art show, family fun fair, continuing education classes, Sabbath school or the pizza dinner.

Are meals included? 
Attendees are on their own for meals outside of the free pizza dinner. 
In the past, some families have chosen to bring their own food to enjoy in their room. 
The Galt House Hotel has several on-site restaurants, and there are several other restaurants within walking distance for those who don’t wish to drive.  

What are the housing costs? 
The rate for 2022 is $86 (plus tax) per night per room for two queen beds or one king bed.
Rooms also have a parlor area with a sofa, minibar area with small sink, single-serve coffee maker and mini fridge. 

Please note that not all rooms have a sleeper sofa. If you need to sleep additional people in the parlor area, please plan accordingly. 

How can I make hotel reservations?
Your WFW registration confirmation email will contain a special link to make your hotel reservations at the Galt House Hotel.  

Booking a room at the hotel does not mean you are registered for the WFW. You must still register for the WFW through your COGWA portal.

Hotel Reservation Deadline: December 16, 2022.

Queen Suites have 2 Queen Beds with a regular sofa in the sitting room.
King Suites have 1 King Bed with a pullout sofa bed in the sitting room. 

Our room block on King Suites is limited. Unless you need a pullout sofa bed, we ask that you please book a Queen Suite. 

You may also make hotel reservations by calling 1-800-843-4258 and reference group code 122222COG

How do I volunteer for special music?
We will have a combined teen and young adult choir, as well as several small group or solo pieces. If you would like to serve in this way, please check the appropriate box on your WFW registration under volunteer opportunities. The special music coordinator will follow up with you at a later date. 

When or where will the schedule be posted? 
A general list of activities is posted on the activities page.
The general schedule will be posted to this site by Nov. 1, 2022. 
The WFW app will also be available for download prior to the start of the event. 

Will there be a dance, and what is the theme?
Yes! We will have one family dance on Saturday evening. Please feel free to wear your favorite costume! We will once again offer pictures in front of the step and repeat and prizes for best costumes. No scary, vulgar or immodest costumes, please. 

Will the Sabbath morning seminars and Sabbath services be available on the webcast? 
Yes! More information will be made available prior to the WFW.

How about COVID or illness protocols?
In following with good general health practices, we request that you refrain from attending the WFW if you have a fever, are feeling unwell or have knowingly been in contact with someone with COVID or with another illness in the days leading up to WFW. If you become ill while at WFW, we ask that you isolate and/or leave the event to help prevent spreading the illness.