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WFW Registration FAQ

Q: Why is there an event fee for everyone aged 13+ attending the WFW? 
A: We ask for this to help offset the cost of running the weekend. If you are not involved in any of the sporting events or special activities requiring payment, this is the only fee you’ll pay. Those playing sports will be asked to pay a sports activity fee in addition to the event fee, which helps offset the additional cost of renting the sports complex. 

Q: If I booked a room at the hotel, do I still need to register for the WFW? 
A: Yes, your hotel reservation and WFW registration are completely separate.  

Q: Do I need to register all members of my family? 
A: Yes, every household member who plans to attend or participate in WFW activities needs to register. This helps tremendously in planning for all events, including Sabbath services.   

Q: Do I get a discount for paying prior to arrival? 
A: Yes, the discount is already deducted from the amount due listed in your email confirmation. The early payment discount is $5 per person for the WFW registration fees and $5 per person for sports fees. If payment is not received by Dec. 22, you will lose the discount.   

Q: How can I pay online?
A: Please visit the Online Payment page for more details.

Q: Can I pay by check? 
A: Absolutely! Please follow the instructions in your confirmation email. The mailing address can also be found on the WFW online payment registration tab.  

Q: What if I need to make changes to my registration, such as adding or deleting a family member, or changing my activity selections? 
A: If you wish to make changes to your registration or activity selections, you can do so through the portal at any time prior to WFW.   

Q: What if I need to make changes to my sports team? 
A: If you need to make changes to your sports team, please contact Ken Treybig for volleyball and Andy Burnett for basketball  .

Q: Whom can I contact if I need help with my WFW registration?
A: If you have questions related to your registration, please email us at [email protected].