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Watch Your Speech Seven Days a Week

A recent experience at Sabbath services prompted a thought in my mind. Should our words during the week be that different from our words on the Sabbath?

Recently a friend was giving a message at Sabbath services. In the middle of discussing his topic, he said, “There is a use case for that.” I immediately chuckled to myself, recognizing the reference as one out of the world of “application development.” 

It is likely that his quick reference wasn’t caught by the majority of the congregation. When I approached him afterwards and mentioned what he said, he also found it humorous and said, “That is a part of much of my conversation during the week. It’s a good thing I don’t curse!”

The conversation gave me something to think about: What is in my heart? Do I have a different life on the Sabbath than during the week?

Sabbath behavior

When we attend services on the Sabbath, we know that we should be on our best behavior. We try to stay in a positive attitude. We are happy it’s the Sabbath. We enjoy resting and spending the day with God, family and brethren. We try to put the cares of the week behind us. We think and speak on spiritual matters throughout the day.  

Most of us would not go to work planning to have a biblical discussion with our coworkers, just as we would not go to Sabbath services planning to use inappropriate language. However, how consistent is our speech during the week with what we exhibit on the Sabbath? Is God’s Word in our heart and mind all week? As my friend noted, what is in our heart will eventually become evident in our speech. We cannot keep a different standard during the week, thinking it will not become evident on the Sabbath.

Out of the abundance of the heart

If we keep God as our first priority—spending time in prayer, study and meditation on a daily basis—God’s Word will be solidly etched in our hearts and minds all week. We will speak words pleasing to Him all week.

If we don’t watch television on the Sabbath, but we spend the rest of the week viewing questionable television, what will we have put in our minds? And then, as a result, what will come out of our mouths? God’s Word says, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34), and “for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment” (verse 36).

Yes, we should be especially careful to honor God in our speech on His holy Sabbath day. But the above two scriptures remind us that we should be concerned about our speech Sunday through Friday as well!

For further insight into our speech, read “Virtuous Woman: Guide for Tongue Control.” 

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