• Orientation—It’s Not Just for Students

    August 10, 2017

    The incoming Foundation Institute students begin their academic year with Sunday’s orientation. In this week’s In Accord, Clyde Kilough draws some spiritual parallels between that event and the upcoming Feast season and offers a preview of the next issue of Discern.

  • Midyear Financial Update

    August 3, 2017

    Treasurer Britton Taylor gives a midyear report on the state of the Church’s finances in this week’s In Accord. He also gives background information on obtaining a loan for the new headquarters office building and updates on the president’s travel, summer camps and Foundation Institute.

  • Continuing Education, Foundation Institute, and Looking Forward to the Fall Holy Days

    July 27, 2017

    In this week’s In Accord, Ralph Levy provides a report on the recent Continuing Education seminars held at the headquarters office in Allen, Texas; an update on Foundation Institute as it enters its sixth year; a report about the summer camp program; and plans for the fall feasts.

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