If there ever was a time to walk in the uprightness of holy, righteous character—the character of Jesus Christ—it is now. While those around stumble through a maze of compromise, dishonesty and deceit, a Christian is asked to walk the straight and narrow path of integrity and righteousness. This can only be done by imitating the Master, Jesus Christ—walking as He walked, living as He lived, thinking as He thought. Since Jesus Christ is our ultimate example, we can study how He both acted and reacted to the things He faced. Analyzing His example can help us learn a pattern of life to imitate.

Christian leaders must develop godly character or be in danger of being washed away by the floodwaters of apathy, distraction and selfindulgence. Such a lifestyle is a recipe for destruction. But self-discipline, when empowered by the Holy Spirit, allows true spiritual growth to take place. Pursuing the mind of Jesus Christ requires a desire to learn what holy, righteous character is and how to put it to use in serving others. Join us for a weekend of inspiration, motivation and leadership development at the YALW 2017.

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