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Instant Gratification vs. Delayed Gratification

Presented by Caleb Froedge - May 17, 2024

In a world of instant oatmeal, immediate communication and the opportunity for many essential needs to be met on demand, what is not to like about instant gratification? With a society that is training us to expect microwave results, is there any room for slow-roasted Crock-Pot rewards? Which is healthier? Instant gratification or delayed gratification? More important, what does the Bible teach us about this subject in regards to our training and godly development?

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Upcoming: June 2024

Presented by Mark Winner - June 21, 2024

Satan’s Assault on Man

Presented by Chad Messerly - April 19, 2024

The world around us is constantly in a state of chaos. There is a greater amount of information, but increased confusion. There is an abundance of wealth, but growing poverty. There is a rise in hatred and constant alarm of violence. Where do these things come from? Have they always been there? How do we overcome them? Join Chad Messerly to discuss Satan’s weapons and tactics in our next Friday Night Live Bible study, titled “Satan’s Assault on Man.”


Lessons for Today From the Seven Churches of Revelation

Presented by Joel Meeker - March 15, 2024

Early in the book of Revelation, Christ sent messages to seven congregations in what is today eastern Turkey. They included encouragements, exhortations and warnings. What are we to learn from them today?


For Those Who Are Least

Presented by Nathan Willoughby - February 16, 2024

Jesus Christ had selected the 12 apostles to follow Him and to learn, grow and one day lead His Church. But on more than one occasion Jesus Christ had to admonish the 12 because of disputes they would have regarding which one of them would be greatest.

What did Christ explain to them? And what mindset did He admonish them to possess as future leaders of His Church? Join us on our next Friday Night Live when we will answer these questions and then discuss their relevance to you, a young adult in the Church today.


We Are to Be Preaching the Gospel ... Wait ... What?

Presented by Justin Adkins - January 19, 2024

True Christianity is supposed to be an active way of life. One of the important concepts found in the New Testament is that we are to be doers and not just hearers. Having knowledge and a belief system simply isn’t enough. Those who will be ready for Christ’s return are those actively living His way and doing His will.

That includes preaching the gospel. Isn’t the Church supposed to be doing that? Yes, but we’re part of the Church, so that means we’re to be preaching the gospel as well. What does that even mean? Do we have what it takes to do that? And how would we even go about that in our personal lives?


How Do You Know?

Presented by Mark Winner - December 15, 2023

When you look at a football player in his uniform, you know he’s a football player. When you see a welder in his or her gear, you know that person is a welder. But what about a godly young person? What are godly young people supposed to look like? Can you really tell? How do you know? Is this something that only requires looking on the outside? Does it matter in the eyes of God? How about you—does it really matter what a godly young person looks like? Join us on Dec. 15 at 8 p.m. Eastern time for our next Friday Night Live as we ask and answer the question, How do you know what a godly young person is supposed to look like?


Working Through the Struggles of Mental Health

Presented by Chad Messerly - November 17, 2023

The age we live in and the condition of the world around us can open the door to anxiety, depression and a whole host of feelings of uncertainty. We can feel trapped by situations of the past or held captive by an uncertain future. Does the Bible speak on this subject? What are we to do? How do we move forward? Join Chad Messerly for our next Friday Night Live Bible study, titled “Working Through the Struggles of Mental Health.”


Why Young People Have Trials

Presented by Scott Lord - October 20, 2023

Throughout human history, mankind has asked the question, “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?”

In a famous letter a boy named Peter asked God why He let his brother Tommy die. You may have asked a similar question. You may have wondered if there is a purpose for suffering. 

Join us on our next Friday Night Live when we will discuss the question, “Why do young people have trials?”


Your Road to Baptism

Presented by Daniel Harper - September 8, 2023

What will be your road to baptism? Young people who grow up in God’s Church may look at baptism in a different way from those who came out of the ways of the world. Has this, among other things, made your road to baptism seem unclear? If you are wondering, “Am I ready for baptism?”—or if you have been contemplating baptism but don’t feel ready—this Bible study is for you. 


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