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The Faith Once Delivered

Presented by Doug Horchak

God has always been concerned that His people retain the core doctrinal understanding of His Word. In this study we’ll explore the apostle Jude’s admonition to the early Church to hang on to the original teachings of Jesus Christ and the early apostles—and its implications for us today in the 21st century.

Every Wind of Doctrine

Presented by Jim Franks

Is what you believe really important? Or is your conduct more important? Can you be a true Christian by following Christian values? Or do you need to understand the truth in order to be considered a true Christian? This argument is really based on a wrong premise. What you believe is extremely important, and so is your conduct. The two go hand in hand when describing true Christianity. How important is doctrine in your life? How well do you understand the fundamental beliefs of the Church? Are you susceptible to the various “winds” of doctrine that blow across the Church of God landscape? In thispresentation, Mr. Franks will address the importance of what we believe in conjunction with how we act.

Do Not Remove the Ancient Landmarks

Married Young Adults

Presented by Clyde Kilough

The proverbs warning against removing ancient landmarks are not only talking about property boundaries. Persistent forces have been at work for decades now to “move the fences” of some of the most ancient societal, relationship and moral landmarks that God set in place. This seminar will address ways that young families can make sure they and their children can be grounded in the truth of God’s values while society works to undermine them, in particular, those of human sexuality and marriage.

Berean Or Athenian: Grounded in the Truth or Seeking New Soil?

Single Young Adults

Presented by Zach Smith

Many have wandered from the Church’s core teachings, as we understand them, in the name of being “like the Bereans.” While Acts 17 speaks highly of those from Berea who searched the Scriptures to prove the accuracy of what they were being taught, the same chapter also describes another group—the Athenians—who always desired “to tell or to hear some new thing.” How can young people remain grounded and steadfast in the truth rather than being drawn away to plant themselves where “new truth” seems to exist?

The Marriage Battle: The Fight That Is Not With Each Other

Married Young Adults

Presented by Nathan Willoughby

As married couples within the Church, we are at war with Satan—together! He has been attacking and destroying marriages since Adam and Eve, and he isn’t going to stop until he is put away. In this seminar, we will discuss how Satan attacks and then look at practical applications that will help us stay grounded and steadfast in godly marriages.

What You See Is What You Get

Single Young Adults

Presented by Dave Myers

Do you ever find that your actions seem to be different from your beliefs? If you profess to be a Christian but behave as if you are not, or if you find it difficult to live in public the way you believe in private, join Dave Myers for solutions to these common dilemmas. Learn strategies to enact to be sure your behaviors exhibit your beliefs.

Basic Song Leading and Hymn Accompaniment

Presented by Doug & Janel Johnson & David & Teddi Treybig

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