REPLAY February 16, 2018: 5 Major Messages for the Next Generation

Presented by Doug Horchak

The current generation has witnessed a severe deterioration of moral authority in society, with leaders at the highest levels brought down by scandal. Fifty years ago, when many of our current pastors were young, it was felt that their generation would be leading the Church at Christ’s return. Increasingly, we are seeing that the younger generations will be at the helm of the Church during the prophesied “stormy seas” of the future—a future that can seem daunting and unfriendly. Those of the younger generations will face crucial challenges and decisions that will dynamically shape their future and that of the Church of God. Join Doug Horchak for five major messages that will be pivotal for our young adults’ success in an uncertain future. 

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March 16, 2018: 20 Ways You Can Serve the Church of God
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Presented by Joel Meeker

In 1 Corinthians 12:18 God states that He places each member in the Body of Christ, just as He pleases. He does this because He has things He wants us to do; we each have works of service to perform. Here are 20 specific ways young adults can serve in the Church of God.

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