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Dallas Sniper Attack: Statement from Ministerial Services to the Church and Ministry

Hello to all of you—

The world we live in continues to show signs of desperation as it goes down an ever-darkening path. The tragic sniper shootings of law enforcement officers on the streets of Dallas, Texas, last night illustrate the deteriorating environment in our country (and, for that matter, around the world). The event also underscores the desperate need of mankind to have the spiritual understanding that we, as God’s people, are so very blessed to have.  

Last night, as my wife and I were watching national news prior to turning in for the evening, we witnessed the events live as police officers who were maintaining the public peace during demonstrations were gunned down from sniper fire—and in our own area of Dallas, no less.

It is bad enough that racial and other tensions have increased the divide of many in our country; however, when the anger and frustration devolves into anarchistic actions such as this, it makes one feel that authorities are slowly losing grip on order and justice in our cities and communities.

While driving in to the office this morning, I listened as the Dallas mayor and chief of police updated the press (and public) on the tragic events of last night and the ongoing investigation. In a change from normal protocol, toward the end of their update both men admitted that they were “people of faith” and asked the press and the public to pray for the families of the victims and for the city. They mentioned a public prayer event that will take place at 12 noon at a downtown location where local religious leaders will convene. Their words seemed sincere. There is no doubt that these two men (and countless others) are looking for a source of solace and encouragement when such senseless events take place. They are also looking for answers to the broader concerns of division, confusion and chaos that seem to be increasing in the fabric of our peoples and country. 

As God’s people, we have the answers. The brethren we serve do understand that the world we live in will be replaced by the government and family of God at Christ’s return. Of recent weeks I have thought much about the reason Christ began His instruction on how to pray with the words “Your kingdom come. Your will be done ….” Clearly, God desires His people to have a consistent, daily focus on the need for Christ’s return and to have a deepening desire for the suffering, chaos and tragedies of this world to come to an end. Only when we have a personal and emotional feel for the suffering, death and tears of so many in this world—can we pray “Your kingdom come” with the kind of concern and sincerity that our Father, no doubt, desires from us.

May God speed the day of His direct intervention in this world, and may we all be found doing His work and serving His people—as we know all of you do each and every day. Those of us at the office pray that all of you and the congregations and brethren you serve have a wonderful and meaningful Sabbath day.


Doug Horchak

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