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    Lessons From Scuba

    Open water divers are trained to dive within their limits to minimize the risks of diving. God’s laws actually have a similar function! I recently became certified as an Open Water...Read More

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    Culture Shock

    A trip to Africa led me to consider the topic of culture shock. Just as I was a foreigner in a different culture, God’s people are foreigners in this world. During my freshman year of...Read More

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    How Great Is God’s Mercy?

    By looking at two examples of how God showed mercy and forgiveness to men in the Old Testament, we can appreciate how God will do the same for us today. The four words were ringing in...Read More

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    Three Tips for Safety on Social Media

    Social media has great benefits—and great dangers. Here are three simple tips that can help reduce those dangers so that you can enjoy the benefits! The Internet—all of the information...Read More

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    3 Lessons I Learned From Bible Journaling

    In January 2015 I began Bible journaling. What is Bible journaling and how can it make your Bible study more effective? Here are three lessons I have learned. A few years ago, I found...Read More

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    The One Relationship That Will Never Let Us Down

    Relationships on the human level often carry an expectation of pain and conflict. Many eventually fail. But our relationship with God should be the opposite. We’ve all heard it before:...Read More

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    What a View!

    Looking out my airplane window at an amazing view of Africa made me think of the view God has when He looks down at His creation. Few sights can compare with the view from an airplane....Read More

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    Will He Find Faith?

    Christ asked if He would find faith on the earth upon His return. The answer is yes and no. Our real focus should be: Will He really find faith in us? This year, I was privileged to...Read More

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    Our Ironman Race

    The Ironman Triathlon is one of the most grueling endurance races to ever challenge its participants. What can this race teach us about our Christian lives? The full Ironman Triathlon...Read More

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