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Frustration Does Not Justify Being Unmerciful

Written by Manuel Sánchez

Today it’s acceptable to show frustration when others make mistakes. But what does the Bible say about yielding to frustration and forgetting mercy? A few weeks ago, I experienced...


Did the Biblical Exodus From Egypt Really Happen?

Written by Tim Groves

Many historians and scholars debate whether the events of Israel’s departure from Egypt really happened. Yet one credible piece of evidence cannot be dismissed. The incredible story...


What If God Interviewed You?

Written by Geoff Yunus

What if you were being interviewed by God Himself? How would you respond to His questions? How would the interview go? First of all, one’s role in the Kingdom of God is not...


Serving Blind Individuals at Church

Written by Doug Broom

A blind Life, Hope & Truth website visitor shared some thoughts on how churches can better serve blind individuals who want to attend their services. There are millions of blind...


What Can We Learn From Gideon?

Written by Rebekah Leyden

Gideon is one of the heroes of faith listed in Hebrews 11. What can we learn from the life and example of Gideon? The book of Judges is sometimes called “The Book of...


What Does It Mean to Take Up Your Cross?

Written by Ken McIntosh

Many have been confused by Jesus’ instruction for a follower to “take up his cross.” A person might respond, “I don’t have a cross. How can I do that?” ...


“Do This in Remembrance of Me”: The Symbolism of the Bread and Wine

Written by Stephan M. Koenig

When Jesus Christ gave us the symbols of the New Testament Passover, why did He specifically say to remember Him, and why is it important? As we prepare for Passover, it is a good time to...


The Awesome Ability to Focus!

Written by Bruce Gore

Our minds have the capacity to focus on good or bad. But it’s our choice how we use this ability. Consider some of the choices we face. “Would you listen to me? Pay attention...


Christ’s Return: A Matter of When or What?

Written by Eddie Foster

As the world continues to be turned upside down, Christians may be wondering when Christ will return. But is there another, more important question to be asking?   According to various...