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Announcements for November 27, 2019

PCD Quarterly Report

July – September 2019

From Cecil Maranville: We processed 819 PCD messages this quarter. This is up a little less than 3 percent over the second quarter of this year and up over 26 percent in comparison to the third quarter of 2018 (when the Feast fell almost entirely in September). Following is a sample of questions and comments.

Subject: Website and information feedback. Question: I was amazed and relieved to finally find something that showed the clear message of scripture—one that death and destruction are the end of those who reject Christ, not eternal torment—an impossibility since immortality is only the gift for the believer. Also, that we sleep in death until Christ’s second coming. But then I looked at the Church of God website—it was very busy and ‘gaudy’ and inauthentic—it looks like some kind of weird newscast website. Also. There was something about their beliefs—something that happened in 1806 and all kinds of stuff about the gifts of the spirit—instead of quoting scripture—it was only what the church believes or does. That was so disappointing. I’m beginning to feel there is no church in all of the world that preached ONLY the Bible. Everyone seems to be making up their own religion/denominations. It is so disheartening. And scary.

Note from PCD: While the first two sentences of her message make it sound as though she had found Life, Hope & Truth, her comments about our Church of God website didn’t fit! So, we sent her a polite response and introduced her to more about COGWA. She wrote back and expressed her appreciation for straightening out her misunderstanding! It seems she found our articles through a topical search of the Internet, read the material, left our website, and later tried to find our church website. She had remembered “Church of God” in our name, so she just did a general search for that name. Instead of, she got a Protestant Church of God website! That’s the one she fussed about in the last part of her message. 

Subject: Rebaptism. Question: Hello my name is _____, and I’m considering rebaptism. I was baptized when I was an infant, and I didn’t understand what it meant to be baptized. In the past few years I feel like my relationship with god has faded. I feel like getting re baptized will build a stronger connection with god, and I can understand what the Holy Spirit really means. Also when I was an infant, I wasn’t immersed in the water.

Subject: Paranormal activities. Question: Hi long time how are you? I hope you are fine in the name of our Lord Jesus. Today I would like to know about paranormal activities. Is it really happening and what [can] influence some activities like that? Are they the spirits of the dead or what are they? Maybe you can make me understand because I’m kind of lost to know what to think about that. What does the Bible say about that because we normally hear of those activities and also stories of haunted houses and so on?

Subject: Eating in heaven. Question: I was talking with a friend and I mentioned that I thought that we would eat in heaven. She wanted me to find a verse in the bible that mentioned that. HELP!

Subject: Finding local fellowship. Question: Please let me know how to find local fellowship. All churches around me seem to be teaching the law was done away with and/or Torah is for the Jews only. I’m not sure what a biblical church is called or how to locate likeminded others to fellowship/worship/serve with, please help.

Subject: Confusion. Question: I don’t where to go or turn. But I’m frightened. I was once walking with God in faith and really growing spiritually. I was experiencing God in ways that I never had before. There was a time where I was spiritually attacked and I am still having a hard time coming back from it. I still long for God and want to follow Jesus [and it] was the enemy [who] told me that I wasn’t saved and that I’m doing everything wrong [and] now I’ve given fear and the enemy a foothold and I am confused on everything. I don’t know how to get out of this. I flip flop all the time and I’m scared that God won’t forgive me because I’ve let this go on for months. I also fear that my heart has hardened. I truly am trying to get out of this but I don’t know how and I feel lost. I need help and I need Jesus but it feels like He has abandoned me. Have I committed the unpardonable sin? Has He left me? Can I escape from fear and doubt? Please help me.

Subject: Progressive Christianity. Question: Dear Life Hope and Truth Team, I’m happy that I have found you. Thank you for the great job you do. I go to a church here in Germany which slowly but “progressively” is moving into Progressive Christianity. My own Pastor thinks and teaches that the Bible is not truly inspired by God and she very actively is supporting gay “marriages.” I don’t know what to do: Should I be salt and light or should I find a new church? I don’t want to go but I want to do God’s will.

Subject: Re: Today’s Daily Bible Verse. Question: thank u so much. I have been so lifted with all this living message. I am [grateful]. I have a question to ask: how can a Christian teenager and youth overcome sexual abuse?

Subject: Trinity. Question: I keep the 7th day Sabbath, but I’m not a Trinitarian. What about this church?

Subject: Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Question: Time Of Jacob’s Trouble. Is it Mental torture or Actual Physical Torture? I have heard people say it is only a mental condition of Guilt. I have also heard people say it is physical unbearable pain. Which is it?

Subject: Gift of speaking in tongues. Question: Can one know when he speaks in tongues or it comes out on its own by the power of the holy spirit, then, if it comes out on its own how can one stop speaking it?

Subject: The Lord’s Prayer/Our Father. Question: I saw your video about the Lord’s Prayer. I still do not have a full understanding as to why we are not supposed to pray the Lord’s Prayer. I want to know exactly why we cannot pray it.

Subject: Israelite bloodline, Sabbath day keeper. Question: Just would like [to] know if you keep the Saturday, Sabbath Day if you do here’s my phone number: ___-___-____.

Subject: Your view? Question: Hi there I was brought up in believing that we will have everlasting life on Earth. Do you guys believe that?

Subject: Holy Spirit. Question: I am a 49 year old woman from India having issues in my marriage. Got baptized secretly and accepted Jesus as my only saviour as I was following a different religion which worshipped so many so called gods in the form of idols. I am new in this faith, always praying and reading bible since the last couple of months. I don’t have the gift of speaking in tongue and I find it difficult to control my emotions. How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? Please help.

Subject: New earth. Question: Since Christ will be reigning on Earth 1000 years, why does God destroy Earth? Also where are the Christians when Earth gets destroyed before there’s a new heaven and earth? Is the final destination for Christians to be on the new Earth?

Subject: Revelation 3:12. Question: Hi, can you please explain this verse for me. Does it refer to the Millennium as well, or to the time when the New Jerusalem comes down after the Millennium?