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PCD Quarterly Report

April-June 2019

From Cecil Maranville: We processed 797 PCD messages this quarter, compared with 704 in the first quarter of the year (up 13 percent). Before sharing samples of the messages we received this quarter, I want to explain again why we don’t include the answers.

We understand that many readers of these reports would find the replies interesting! While we would like to “open all of the windows,” so to speak, and show every incoming and every outgoing email, it wouldn’t be practical to do so. The primary reason is that the task of doing so would be unwieldy. Since the length of a reply averages about a typed page, publishing them all would require upwards of a thousand pages for this quarter! It would also require much time to edit these for publication, taking out personal references (to maintain confidentiality) and extraneous material (such as recommendations for follow-up reading on Life, Hope & Truth).

So, that’s why we settled on providing a summary. But even though these reports are comparatively brief, we hope that they inspire you. Perhaps, some questions might stimulate your personal study. The questions and comments might also encourage conversations with others in your congregation.

  • Subject: Interested. Comment: My name is _______, I am the Pastor at a small church in Barnesville Georgia. I have been in ministry for almost two yrs. with no formal education. I was called to the Pulpit by God and He places the messages on my heart. I’ve been doing a lot of research and one of your video series popped up, I found it very informative and interesting. I plan to [use] some of it to teach my congregation the truth about what happens when we die. I have always been taught that the saved go right to Heaven and the wicked burned, it never made since to me. I now have a much better understanding and a great start to spreading the truth. Thank you and God bless!
  • Subject: I’m new. Question: Hi. My name is _____, and I’ve been looking for a fellowship group for a few years. I’ve never been comfortable with Sunday Sabbath [and] a lot of other teachings however I also never really found an alternative. So I continued to stay on at my church and just disregard or ignore things that didn’t agree with my spirit. I’m at a point, however, [where] I want to have studies with people who want to learn and have a fuller grasp on what scriptures teach. I’m not getting that. So recently I began my search again, thus finding you. Do you have open services that I might attend one? I live in North Fort [Myers] and would enjoy bringing my family to see if we’re a fit. If that’s possible please let me know. I used an app from the nystv app that has led me to a few fellowship groups. I’m very interested and excited to find others that are led by the [same] spirit as mine. Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.
  • Subject: Why did God not give Abraham the 10 commandments? Question: I just started studying the Bible and it seems that Abraham was the first true messenger of God. So why would he not been given the 10 commandments? God let it go another 100 or so years before giving them to Moses? Why?
  • Subject: Denominations. Question: How does Church of God differ from Baptist?
  • Subject: Women church leaders. Question: Does God endorse women to be the head of [the] church or does God allow women to have [their] own church. Because in the world today there [are] many churches that head with women.
  • Subject: Marriage on the new earth. Question: Could you help me with the issue of Matthew 22:30? As a widow I’m struggling with the fact that most (if not all) churches, religions etc. teach there is no marriage after the resurrection. This doesn’t make sense to me. God created marriage before sin/the fall even when man had a direct relationship with God. He said it “was not good for man to be alone.” I’ve also heard “we’ll love everyone the same.” Again, this doesn’t make sense, nor is it of any comfort for people hoping to stay with/be reunited with their spouses. Hoping to get your insight and opinion on this. It’s terrible to think spouses won’t be together and single people will have no relationships. Same with having children. Most teach there will be no procreation. This is heartbreaking. Especially for those who were never able to have children with their spouses. Thank you for your help.
  • Subject: Confused. Question: Jesus said in the Bible that NO man has seen heaven or gone to heaven, so why do churches teach that when we die we go to heaven. This can’t be scripturally right—it’s a false teaching.
  • Subject: Herbert Armstrong connection. Question: Is your ministry associated with Worldwide Church of God formerly with HW Armstrong? I enjoy the magazine … although I am a pretribulation “rapture” believer. I commend you on your faithfulness in spreading the gospel of Salvation to a very needy world, Thank you so much, and the Lord bless you for your faithfulness in going into all the world and making known the gospel of salvation.
  • Subject: Life after death. Question: What happens to us when we die? Is our spirit the same as being a soul? Are spirit and soul the same? As I read the Bible, it tells me I am body, soul and spirit. I know what happens to the body, but not sure about the 2 other parts.
  • Subject: Dead Catholic parents but believed in Christ. Question: My parents died catholic. They do believe in Jesus, but do the rosary. They were good people. Are my parents saved? They have not been introduced the born again belief.
  • Subject: Thank You for the Booklet: God’s Purpose For You. Comment: On behalf of my wife and myself, I just wanted to express our appreciation for your new little booklet entitled “God’s Purpose for You.” We have long been associated with The Worldwide Church of God, although we never have joined any of the so-called “splinter groups.” It very much reminds me of the publication by Ambassador College entitled “Why Were You Born?”
    We have been studying the booklet one chapter at a time on each of our Sabbath Bible studies. Just me and ____; although we tried our best to interest the other family members, they do not see our understanding, nor do they want to participate in our Sabbath studies. I guess the truth is not for everyone—at least for this generation.
    The artwork and formatting make it a real pleasure to read. Although it isn’t a lengthy publication, it really gets to the point and tells it like it is. Congratulations to Erik Jones and the entire editorial staff on a job well done. May God continue to lead right-hearted people to information such as this in finding the truth in a world of misinformation and confusion.
  • Subject: Consistency of Scripture. Question: I know the scriptures do not contradict each other, but Acts 2:38 and Romans 3:21-25 sound different. Each scripture is a complete statement to a different group of people, and if one is correct, then the other would seem to be wrong. Repent and believe could be two sides of the same coin, but how could one include baptism as part of salvation? Thank you.
  • Subject: Yoga. Question: Is practicing yoga exercises against [the] Bible?
  • Subject: Was Jesus strictly a Nazirite? Question: Could he have been a Nazirite and still break the vow? Showing it was in the spirit of things, not necessarily the physical that counted. Separation in the sense to be in the world but not of it? As he was accused of breaking the Sabbath by healing on the same?