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Announcements for October 26, 2017

PCD Update on Third Quarter of 2017

From Cecil Maranville: The Personal Correspondence Department processed 260 contacts in September. That compares to 382 in September 2016. But keep in mind that due to how the fall festivals occur, September and October have to be compared as a unit to get the most accurate picture. The third quarter total for this year is 938. This is up from the first two quarters of this year, but down 26 percent from the third quarter of that magnificent year, 2016! Below is a sampling of the emails or calls from this quarter.

  • How important is it for me to know about Satan?
  • Are you Church of God? What denomination are you that keep the Sabbath? I just know two … Jewish and Seventh-day Adventist. Could you sent me more details of who you are? I thought Church of God keeps Sundays as the day of worship. I just came across your website and got interested.
  • At what age does a child become accountable for wrongdoing/sinning?
  • What causes a marriage to break down?
  • Has God chosen a husband for some girls and decided other girls will be single forever? How do we find a partner? Does God have a plan in this? Is it okay to ask for God’s help in finding a partner?
  • I am unhappy, financially crippled, cannot see my way through no matter how hard I pray. I am still getting attacked constantly by the adversary. Single for four years … a single parent. I got baptized one year ago. When will I get my breakthrough?
  • I am a believer in the hope of Christ, the salvation of the world. And I am still looking for the Church of God that represents Christ’s Church, built on the foundation of His apostles and prophets with Him as the cornerstone. I believe that the Church exists because the book of Revelation attests to the faithfulness of a few who refuse the mark of the beast. That alone tells me there are servants of Christ on earth, and I would be greatly overjoyed to be part of the family of the faithful.
  • Is purgatory real?
  • Recently I’ve been thinking about getting rebaptized. Growing up, I was always in church because my mom made me go. I was in the choir, would go to Sunday school, vacation Bible school, church on Wednesday and things of that nature. I knew who God was, but at the same time I didn’t, if you know what I mean. Every Sunday my mom would always tell me to go up to the altar when they called, and I never went. One Sunday close to her birthday I finally did it and I got baptized, but not because of my relationship with God but because I wanted to make my mom happy. I was 9 when that happened. I’m 18 now, and I truly trust in the Lord and have faith in Him. I love Him with all my heart, and I know who He is and I know He’s in my heart. I was wondering should I or do I need to get rebaptized now that I have a greater understanding of the Lord and what He did and does for me?
  • I read that you are a false teacher, is it really true? In the name of “Jesus Christ,” please tell the truth!!! Thank you.
  • Should Christians have totems? Mostly Africans have. What is the actual meaning of Genesis 32:31-32? Is it where they derive it from?
  • I just want to ask, which church is the “True Church of God”? I have learned that the Roman Catholic and some other churches do not belong to God. Which is the true church? There is one that I have heard about, the “bride of the lamb” under Phrofet William Brenam—not sure about the spelling.
  • I run a business for my husband, and he pays me a salary at the end of every month. Is it stealing if I keep part of the profit I make from sales for myself to make provisions for some family needs without his knowledge?
  • The pastor at my old church preaches that homosexuality and transgenderism is not a sin and that Jesus married Mary Magdalene. He wants us to return to his church, and my Mom misses our friends there. What can I tell my old pastor about what the Bible says regarding this matter?
  • What about cremation? Where does the soul sleep in a case of burned or decayed bodies?
  • Is 666 the Mars calendar 668.5?
  • I keep looking for ways to save my marriage. Everyone keeps saying to go to someone for support. I don’t have anyone to go to except God. I love God, but I need someone to talk to. What do I do? I need to change, but I don’t know how.
  • Sometimes I feel like God is not there, like He is ignoring my prayers. Why is this?
  • My question is, can I attend my son’s graduation from high school on a Saturday morning? I’m a new, recommitted Christian, I’m learning things that I really didn’t understand or that have just now been brought to my attention with evidence from the Bible. I always believed that the seventh day was Sunday, but I now have the knowing knowledge that it is Saturday. With that being said, I don’t think that I can go to my son’s graduation next year in 2018 because the Sabbath day is on a Saturday. I don’t want to be disobedient to God. But I know if I don’t go, it will hurt my son. I have always been there for my son. Honestly, it would hurt me too to not be able to join in on the blessing and gather with family and friends for the new stage in life that God has for my son.
  • What verses can I quote in my home? My daughter has a bad attitude and talks back (like she’s in charge). I don’t want to hit her … I just want to see what I can do.
  • What type/kind of oil is called anointing oil? Isn’t it idolatry when people rub it on their body or spray it around their bed, room or house and sometimes even drink it?
  • My husband passed on July 3. Three or four days prior, I was sitting at his bedside, and he looked at me and said, “Angel wings, white angel wings, behind you.” Is this common as one is transitioning to cross over? Did he see Michael?
  • Should only unleavened bread be used for communion services?
  • How did Jesus’ teachings influence Paul’s doctrine of faith?
  • I heard that an angel is beside us, writing down everything we do, for us to be judged. Is that true? And if so, where in the Word is it written?