Building Update - April 13, 2018

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Yesterday, Thursday, April 12, we held our weekly meeting with Highland Builders, CBRE (the project manager), the electrical contractor, the interior designer for the project, and Alliance (the architects in charge of the project).

It was exciting to see all the work that has been done in the past two weeks! The soil has been stabilized, more dirt has been moved in, and we can actually see the pad site where the foundation will be poured in the next couple of weeks. It was exciting to see the actual shape of the building! As you will recall, the size of the building is just under 16,000 square feet. This should give us adequate space with room to grow.

One thing that we’ve found amazing is how much space there is left on our lot. The lot itself is 7.4 acres, but a 2-acre portion is really not usable to us, and we actually have it for sale. The building will occupy the southern portion of the property leaving us with about 3 acres for future development. We can easily see another building—an auditorium, a learning center or possibly something else on the northern part of the property. There is plenty of room.

The more I travel out to the site and see all the areas nearby that are being developed, the more I believe God led us to the most appropriate lot for our needs. We have everything we were looking for—a nice location near the freeway; a flat area that doesn’t require a lot of additional ground work; a developing area for restaurants, shops and industrial; and plenty of room for expansion in the future. In my experience, it is very unusual to get everything you want in a piece of land. Normally you have to make compromises when buying land to develop, but in this case we got everything we were looking for!

In addition to the work on the pad site (which you can see in the video link attached to this update), there is a lot of underground work being done. Trenching is being done for the sewage pipes and the underground drainage that is being required. Excavation for the bike path, which will run the entire length of the property, is taking place as well. Once the pad site is completed, plumbing and any other work that goes underneath the foundation will be installed. Piers will also be dug to make sure the foundation is stable—we don’t want any shifting to take place. Once the piers are dug and poured and the plumbing is installed, the foundation can be poured. That will be an exciting day as well.

This is the latest on the building. Even though there are still several months of construction, I can tell you that everyone here in the office is excited to see the work that has been done. We are still looking at after the Feast for completion, but seeing progress has provided a real boost for all of us.