Building Update - February 9, 2018

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Mr. Franks is on a church visit to Barbados and asked me to write the update this week. William Beech and I visited the construction site today for our regular Thursday morning meeting. We met with the owner of the construction company, the architect, the on-site construction supervisor and the project manager.

There is not a lot of visible progress to report from the property at this time. We are still waiting for the city to sign off on the permit that allows the site preparation to begin. This is where the grading is done so that actual construction on the building can start. The construction supervisor said that the permit should be approved one week from today, Feb. 15.

Since our last visit, a chain-link fence has been erected around the site perimeter so the property can be locked and secured each evening. Later today, the electrical contractor will stop by the office here in Allen to discuss several items.

Here are some of today’s agenda items:

  1. Discussion of when the temporary electrical power installation will occur and where the utility company will locate our access.
  2. The civil engineering firm is working with the city to approve the design plan to the move our northern driveway to line up with a future street.
  3. Discussion about how to ensure smooth engagement between the electrical and security contractors.
  4. The builder brought up that when grading starts they will move the top layer off, bring in stabilizing soil and then bring the topsoil back in. We won’t have to remove any dirt from the site; we will likely need to truck more dirt in to level the site.

Thank you for your prayers for the success of this project. Mr. Franks will be back next week and will give you an update.

Britton Taylor