Building Update - March 23, 2018

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Progress! At last we saw some real movement this week with the building. Good weather and city approvals for our site plan made for a very productive week. With this update you will find our latest drone footage. Our goal is to document every step of construction. 

On Thursday, March 22, we held our weekly meeting with Highland Builders. They are as excited as we are to finally see some real progress. In only a few days, trees have been removed, and the entire area for the building and parking area has been grubbed. Today they are removing top soil, which will be replaced and then prepared for the foundation. In order to prevent any sort of movement once the foundation is poured, the soil must be thoroughly prepared. In one corner of the building the cut is 10 feet, and in another corner on the west side of the building the cut is only 5 feet.

Once the top soil has been removed and then replaced, piers can be poured for the actual foundation. There are several piers that must be put in place around the foundation of the building. These piers are deep enough to sit on rock to provide the stability that will be needed for the foundation. Of course, there is the biblical principle about building your house on a rock (Matthew 7:24-27)!

We were also told today that the steel has been ordered for the structure and should arrive early next month. Things will really begin to change once the foundation is poured and the steel structure begins to take shape.

We spoke with the builder about the possibility of installing our own well to cut down on water cost. The city of McKinney will require us to water everything that we landscape. Along the west side of the property, there will be a row of trees, plus grass beside the bike path. Water isn’t cheap in the city of McKinney, so we could save a lot of money by having our own well. In the next week we should be meeting with well drillers from the area to get an idea of what they propose and what it will cost.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is for rain much of next week. Please enjoy the video of the work done this week. Finally, real progress to report! 

Due to the upcoming spring holy days, we’ll be taking a brief break from posting updates. Look for the next update on Friday, April 13.