Building Update - May 11, 2018

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We held our bi-weekly meeting with Highland Builders and our project manager from CBRE on Thursday, May 10. This was the first time I had been on the property in two weeks. Progress! It is great to see progress! We did lose two days last week due to heavy rain in the area. This gives us a total of three days of rain delay in the past month. So we are a couple of days behind schedule, but we should be able to catch up with the very nice weather we are now having in the area. Although the temperature is reaching 90 degrees, the humidity is low enough that it still feels comfortable.

The framing for the foundation is now going into place, and the plumbing is completed up to the building. In the next few days, the plumbers will install the plumbing in the foundation itself. All the piers (a total of 26) have been poured and some additional concrete has been poured around the exterior of the foundation. In the next few days, the steel rebar will be installed in the foundation itself. We should actually see the foundation being poured in the next week to 10 days if the weather continues to cooperate.

On the back side of the building, there is a rather extensive underground drainage that is being installed, but is virtually completed. Because this will be the major drainage for the entire property, it needs to be extensive. Since we informed the city that we are planning for another building on the north end of the property, they are insisting that we provide enough drainage for the entire property from day one. This is okay with us, but it was an added expense.

Within a couple of days, work will begin on the retaining wall that will run the entire length of the building on the east side. One issue that came up in our meeting today is whether we should put a railing on top of the retaining wall. This may be a good idea for safety reasons since the drop off from the top of the wall is about five feet in some locations. I believe we would rather err on the side of safety than to take a risk of someone falling. Normally no one should be in this area, but you simply never know.

We are very close to completing the design of the sign that will sit in the corner of our driveway and Medical Center Drive. We are considering a triangular shape that will be visible from both directions when traveling on Medical Center Drive. The current design we are considering will be made of stone that matches the building with a dark plate on which our “logo” will appear—Church of God, a Worldwide Association—with the street address “3701” appearing at the bottom. I hope that in my next update I will have a drawing of the sign to share with everyone.

We have attached some excellent drone footage from this week. I believe this will give you a good idea of the amount of work done in the past two weeks. Personally, I really appreciate the video we have from the drone in these building updates and I want to thank Kelly Cunningham from the office for all his work he has done as the “pilot” of the drone. Our next building update will be in two weeks.