Building Update - November 9, 2018

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After almost two months of record-setting rainfall (30 inches in September and October), November has been more promising. The rain has stopped for the most part, giving us several good days for working on the building. Most of the ledge stone is up on the backside of the building and on the section where Foundation Institute will be located, but because of the muddy landscape, the workers are unable to get close enough to install the stone on the long west side of the building. The rain was so severe that it has created a muddy, swamplike area around the building, preventing the workers from finishing up on the outside. Most of the work this week is taking place inside.

Next week Oncor, the electric company that provides power to this part of McKinney, should install the transformer for the building. We already have the approval from the City of McKinney for the electrical work in the building, so as soon as the transformer is put in place, we will have power throughout the building. Once all the windows and doors are in place, we can close up the building, which means we won’t have any further weather delays, at least for the interior work. 

We’re excited to see what has been done and eager to get it all done. When you walk into the lobby area, you are struck by the height of the building—30 feet in this area. We have approved a design for the lobby that will be quite impressive. How much we do with granite and marble will depend on our funds when we get to the point of completion, but I believe the lobby, the conference rooms, and the FI classroom will be very impressive.

The two large break rooms with expansive windows that will look out over a nice, gardenlike area in the back should be very attractive and will provide quality places for our employees and students to have lunch and participate in special dinners and other activities. It is also impressive walking down the main corridor. With a 12-foot ceiling and a wide hallway, you have the feeling of an open space and not one that is closed in.

Before the next building update, the power should be on throughout the building; windows and doors should be installed; and the outside stone work should be completed. At least that is what we are being told.

One major concern that hasn’t been completely resolved is the soundproofing of the studio. Once we saw the interior of the studio as it was being constructed, we raised questions about soundproofing. After consulting with sound professionals, we were convinced that as the studio was being constructed it would not have enough soundproofing. We are asking Highland to go back and make sure this room is adequately soundproofed. This will add to the cost of the building, but we cannot accept a studio that isn’t soundproof! We are working with Highland to resolve the problem, and we expect to have a solution within a few more days.

Everything else is going well, and we are still hopeful for occupancy in January. I hope you enjoy the latest video, which will give you a bird’s-eye view of the progress. The next update will be in December.

Jim Franks