Building Update - September 6, 2018

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My first reaction to seeing the building after more than a week was, How big it is! I am very pleased that the building itself looks quite impressive. The height is 30 feet at the entrance, dropping down to 24 feet in the office area. It really looks like a two- or three-story building even though it is only one story. Our desire from the beginning was to have an open feel to the office, with high ceilings throughout. The studio will be open to the roofline, which will be quite impressive when completed.

I was able to walk around in the offices this week, since the walls have mostly all been framed. The roof is in place and now being sealed. The parapet around the top, where the air-conditioning units will go, is in place as well. About half of the outer skin is on the building, now waiting for the masonry and the stone. The fins (or pillars) are being framed this week. These are framed with plywood, but the outer surface will be a beautiful black tile, which has been shipped from Italy. The tile actually arrived in Houston via ship just last week and will be loaded onto a truck and brought to the site when the time is right for installation. The stone for the siding is scheduled to be delivered next week.

We did lose some time this week because of rain, but overall, we are still on schedule. We will lose more time this month because of the holy days, but we knew that from the beginning. We are still on schedule to finish the building and move in by the first week of January. That is only 17 weeks away!

Below are a couple of pictures that I took this afternoon (Thursday, Sept. 6) that give you an overview of what has been done. We also have some drone footage attached that was taken on Tuesday of this week. I hope you enjoy seeing these videos. Chantelle Breidenthal is our editor and Kelly Cunningham is our “pilot.” Together, every two weeks, they produce a quality product that gives you a bird’s-eye view of what has taken place.

This is my last update until after the Feast. I expect there will be some major changes to report at that time!