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“Lord, Is It I?”

Written by Kristen Brunner

At His last Passover, Jesus told the disciples that one of them would betray Him. How they reacted to His statement holds an important lesson for us. The night Christ gave His apostles the...


Why Visit Overseas Brethren?

Written by Travis Hees

Visiting brethren in other countries can broaden our perspective. Here are some of the benefits of international travel for the Feast and FOI projects. I’ve been blessed with the...


Three Things to Be Thankful For

Written by Andrew Travers

In difficult times, it can be easy to focus on the negative. What positive things can we be thankful for during the current pandemic? It is often easy to focus on what we don’t...


When Did Abraham Build His Faith?

Written by Andrew Travers

Abraham is considered one of the Bible’s most faithful people. But when did he develop his strong faith in God? The Jews trace their nation’s history and faith back to him. He...


Be Resilient Like Job

Written by Emerald Noggle

When life’s trials pull us down, how do we get ourselves back up? I recently heard a sermon where the minister told a story of a set of twins who had an alcoholic father. One became...


Working Through Language Barriers at the Feast

Written by Corbin Jackson

La fiesta de tabernáculos! La fête des tabernacles! Ang kapistahan ng mga tabernakulo! In any language, the Feast is a great time for friendships. The Feast of Tabernacles is...


Beware of the Spiritual Callus

Written by Kendrick Diaz

Calluses aren’t just on our hands and feet. Did you know that our minds can grow calluses too? My little brother is musically gifted. Without learning how to read sheet music,...


What I Learned From Wild Blackberries

Written by Gabriella Kroska

Weeding my mom’s raised garden beds was a lot more challenging than I expected. As I got started, I realized that a wild blackberry patch had infiltrated the garden beds! Wild...


A Lesson From Kate Spade

Written by Ellen Mills

Recent news of Kate Spade’s death showed that the perception and reality of her life were quite different. How might her death help us evaluate our own lives? I own a Kate Spade...