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    Is It Okay to Compromise?

    We all face issues in life where we have to choose between obedience to God or compromise. How should we handle these difficult times? God’s way of life can be hard. Jesus...Read More

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    A Guiding Light

    If you have ever experienced complete darkness, you know how disconcerting it can be. Life can be like that, until you reach for the light.   Imagine being hundreds of feet...Read More

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    Never Stop Fighting!

    There are times a dad’s advice gets forgotten or tossed away. But there’s a piece of advice my father gave me that I will never forget—to never stop fighting.   Years ago,...Read More

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    4 Keys to Relating to People Who Leave the Church

    Chances are we all know people who have left the Church. How can we have a relationship with people who have left the truth? Should we associate with them? We know that experiencing...Read More

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    The Interesting Relationship Between Fear and Love

    The Bible teaches that love and fear are opposites. How does the Bible define true love, and why is love the opposite of fear? Everyone dreams about love, but few realize what it...Read More

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    3 Reasons to Pray for the Kingdom of God

    When asked about prayer, Jesus instructed His disciples to pray “Your kingdom come.” Let’s consider some reasons why this prayer is so important. In His outline of prayer, Jesus...Read More

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    3 More Things I Learned as a Camp Counselor

    Serving at Camp Arrowhead taught me many lessons. After writing my first post on things I learned, I thought of three more I’d like to share. Other than the Feast of Tabernacles, summer...Read More

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    Lessons I Learned From Nepal’s Water Crisis

    Spending eight weeks in Nepal taught me the value of clean water and caused me to consider what kind of water I drink in spiritually. Where does your drinking water come from? A well? A...Read More

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    The Feast of Trumpets: A Call to Steadfastness

    The Feast of Trumpets is a time that symbolizes the victorious return of Christ and the resurrection of the saints. That truth should inspire us to endure! Picture the scene: After...Read More

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