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    Empty Nest

    Parents often experience depression while transitioning to life after their children leave home. How can you deal with the sadness of Empty Nest Syndrome? The house seems empty and...Read More

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    Teaching Our Children to Walk

    At an early age young children begin developing muscles and balance that will enable them to walk. How can we help them to walk physically and spiritually? One of the most important...Read More

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    How Does My Father Look at Me?

    The Bible reveals God as our Father. We can learn much about how God works with us by looking at how physical parents work with their children. Have you ever looked at your child...Read More

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    Train Up a Child in the Way

    A major part of the Church’s mission is to “make disciples.” The Church wants to help parents train their children of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. Recently, one of my...Read More

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    A Parenting Moment: My Son Wanted to Kick a Cop

    An unusual experience in raising my son illustrated the need to pray to God for guidance in raising our children. God is clear that He gives children as a blessing (Psalm 127:3-5)....Read More

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    3 Keys to Raising Generous Children

    Today’s world is characterized by materialistic and self-absorbed living. Godly parents should be raising their children to have the exact opposite character. Every day we see...Read More

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    How to Help Your Kids With Homework

    Homework—it’s an opportunity for your child to practice and perfect skills learned at school. Here are some tips for parents dealing with its challenges. One of the least-liked words...Read More

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    Celebrate the Spring Festivals With Family Traditions

    God gives us special days to celebrate and learn from each year. Our own family traditions can enhance those celebrations and deepen the lessons. Each year as we celebrate the spring...Read More

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    Preparing for God’s Holy Days With a Joyful Heart!

    The things we “found” were interesting, but the things we learned through deleavening together as a family were truly priceless! When our children were young, our Feast of Unleavened...Read More

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