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How to Train Your Child for Church Services

Written by Cassandra Ebersole

Proverbs 22:6 teaches that our children should be trained in how to live. Are we applying this to teach them how to sit quietly at church? How do we do this?  We’ve all heard of...


What Playing Games Teaches Our Children

Written by Pam Myers

Hearken back to your childhood days. Do you remember the card or board games you played with family and friends?  There were a lot of kids in my childhood neighborhood, so much so...


5 Strategies for Teaching Kids the Truth About Christmas

Written by Isaac Khalil

How do parents who don’t celebrate Christmas teach their kids not to celebrate the holiday, especially when it can look so appealing? Here are some tips. I want that! Can I have...


First-Time Mom and Dad: Babies Do Actually Sleep, Right?

Written by Shannon and Eddie Foster

After we brought our daughter home, we learned that our sleeping habits were in for a big change. How can parents cope with the stresses of having a baby?   Do babies only eat and...


First-Time Mom and Dad: They Let Us Take Her Home?

Written by Shannon and Eddie Foster

This post kicks off a short series of stories and advice for future (and current) first-time moms and dads. We hope you will find these insights helpful. June 14, 2016, was no ordinary...


How to Introduce a Preschooler to God

Written by Deirdra Willis

If you have the wonderful opportunity to guide a precious preschooler’s heart and mind to love God, what is the best way to do it? Proverbs 22:6 teaches us to “train up a child in the way...


Frequently Asked Questions About the EEI Parenting Manual

Written by Debbie Pennington

The EEI planning and production team has received valuable feedback and has answers to your questions. The team behind the Encourage, Equip & Inspire parenting resource manual thanks everyone...


A Father Spends Time

Written by Tom Clark

A story I read recently highlighted important lessons about being a father. Those lessons go beyond the human realm and also teach us about our Heavenly Father. I recently read a story by a writer...


Toddlers at Church: The Blanket-Time Solution

Written by Mary Henderson

Going to church services with babies or toddlers can be a challenge for parents. Here’s a strategy I learned from an experienced mom. It worked for us! We were sitting beside one of those...