• You Will Have Rest

    You Will Have Rest

    The Bible promises an eternity of spiritual rest. So why do we have to suffer trials and tribulations now?

  • Our Four Maps

    Our Four Maps

    Maps are essential for traveling to any desired destination, and that includes God’s Kingdom. Thankfully, He has provided us with four major maps to chart our path.

  • What Is Justification?

    What Is Justification?

    The New Testament speaks of Christian justification. What is justification? How are we justified? Why is it such an important step in the process of salvation?

  • Our Daily Bread

    Our Daily Bread

    Christ's instructions to His disciples was to pray, "give us this day our daily bread". There is more to this admonition that praying over a meal. God desires His people to learn to look to Him for all of our provisions each and every day.

  • Do You Love the Truth?

    Do You Love the Truth?

    The very concept of truth is under attack today. Distrust is rising as a result. How does God view the truth? How should we?

  • Coping Spiritually With Stress

    Coping Spiritually With Stress

    Since we live in a stressful world--and it's only going to get worse--Christians must be equipped spiritually to effectively deal with this type of pressure. God's word holds many examples, good and bad, of how people have coped, plus He offers excellent advice and principles for us to understand.

  • Deuteronomy 17— It’s Not Just for Kings

    Deuteronomy 17— It’s Not Just for Kings

    The Bible has a lot to say about godly leadership, and looking deeply into God’s instructions for Israel’s kings reveals several key principles that apply to every Christian today.

  • You Believe What?

    You Believe What?

    What we believe is important and we should be confident in our beliefs, especially when challenged.  Our belief on judgment - the resurrections and the Great White Throne - separate us from most who profess Christianity.  What do we believe about these important topics?

  • What Is Christ Doing Now?

    What Is Christ Doing Now?

    The wave-sheaf represents the resurrection and ascension of Christ to the right hand of the Father. But what is He doing now? He is active on behalf of the Body of Christ, and the members of that Body, and preparing the way for them.


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