• The Greatest Gift

    The Greatest Gift

    What is the greatest gift one could receive? In this sermon we will cover the requirements for receiving what the Bible calls the heavenly gift, the unspeakable gift and the gift of God.

  • Pentecost: Resetting Priorities

    Pentecost: Resetting Priorities

    Each year, through the annual festivals, we are reminded of our priorities as Christians. On Pentecost we focus on the coming of the Holy Spirit and the importance of the Church in our lives.

  • Life, Hope and Truth … and Pentecost

    Life, Hope and Truth … and Pentecost

    How we came to the name for our website is very interesting, but what Pentecost means for life, hope and truth in our lives is miraculous.

  • Take a Step Back

    Take a Step Back

    During this unprecedented pandemic—and the global uncertainty, fear, death and chaos it is causing—we need to react from God’s perspective, not man’s. Let’s take a step back and consider whose world this currently is (Satan’s) and whose people we are (God’s).

  • Thy Kingdom Come–Really?

    Thy Kingdom Come–Really?

    During the uncertainty and frustration that accompany the present pandemic, are we centered in our focus as God’s people? This message addresses how we as God’s people can get off-kilter if we are not on guard to Satan’s ploys and our human nature.

  • These Words Shall Be in Your Heart

    These Words Shall Be in Your Heart

    Modern society is transitioning from a text-orientation to an image-orientation. How should a Christian consider this? How important should reading be to us? How should we communicate online? Answers to these questions are all related, and guiding principles are found in the Bible.

  • But I Thought It Was That Way …

    But I Thought It Was That Way …

    The Israelites didn’t take the route they expected when leaving Egypt. How about us? Are we taking the lessons of Unleavened Bread with us as we head toward Pentecost? Are we still taking in the mind of Christ—the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth? Or has the world begun to leaven our thinking?

  • A Still Small Voice

    A Still Small Voice

    Fear is a natural human emotion. There are circumstances when having fear is not only good, but warranted. It is when fear paralyzes us and prevents us from following God or hinders our relationship with God that it must be overcome. The example of the prophet Elijah and the “still small voice” that directed him when he was overwhelmed with fear provides us insight into dealing with our fears, even when they’re justified.

  • Out of Many, One

    Out of Many, One

    God said He would build His Church. As individuals, we have a responsibility to fit within the structure of the Church so that the Church can accomplish the work God has set before us. 

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