• The Gentleness of God

    God is described many ways in the Bible. He is Almighty, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. Some people believe God is also harsh, judgmental, and doesn't like us very much. The Bible tells a different story. Here it is:

  • Sex and the Sabbath

    The Sabbath is Holy so what can we do? This sermon examines seven epoch events that have shaped the way we observe the Sabbath day.

  • Who Is God?

    Who Is God? Is He a Trinity? A family? And who or what is the Holy Spirit? This sermon examines some of these questions.

  • What Is God’s Work Today?

    Through the years we have heard a great deal about "God's Work" and how important it is to have one's heart in that work. What exactly is God's work? Has that work changed over the years? How do you know if your heart is in the "Work of God?"

  • Are You a True Believer?

    Why do you live and practice the Church's beliefs? The depth of our faith will be tried. And although Peter says this is "more precious than gold", as Christians, we need to be sure our spiritual foundations and belief are based on deep convictions.

  • Remember Lot’s Wife

    Christ admonished His disciples about their readiness for His return. He used the admonition, "Remember Lot's Wife". This message gives an in-depth view of Lot's family and destruction of Sodom, and what we can learn from Mrs. Lot's actions.

  • How Do You Measure Wealth?

    God has called His people from all levels of physical income, from poor to rich. He calls on us to adopt His perspective of what is true wealth and true poverty, and to manage our lives accordingly.

  • Discerning Both Good and Evil

    Our culture has been flooded with "fake news," distorted news reporting, and well-meaning but foolish advice from many sources.  For the Christian it is not just a societal problem, it is a spiritual problem.  Throughout the history of Israel and the New Testament Church, as well as in the future, the ability to discern both good and bad is a vital function of God's instruction to us.  Why don't people discern correctly, and what can the concerned Christian do about becoming more spiritually discerning?

  • Seek You a Kingdom

    A story from the childhood of Alexander the Great accentuates how we must aim to fulfill our entire potential. What potential has God given to us. How can we achieve it?

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