• The Greatness of God

    Each Sabbath we worship God and each day when we pray we are also worshiping God. Do we stop to consider the God we worship and His greatness? We should.

  • Who Is Our Savior and Why Does it Matter?

    Jesus lives! It's true. But what does that mean? And what impact does that have in our lives?

  • A Study of Church History

    In Matthew 16:18, Jesus Christ promises that the Church would never die. The Sabbath is a sign of God's people and can be used to trace the story of the Church over the past almost 2000 years. This sermon takes a look at the Sabbath keepers who came from southern France to England and then on to the US, beginning in the colony of Rhode Island.

  • The Third Rail to Righteousness

    Do you think that  Satan is done with us?  The answer is no, he is not done with us. But he does not have to win.

  • The Cornerstone of Scripture

    The “Corner stone of scripture” gives us the foundation to understanding the Bible and for the purpose of this sermon the NT in particular.

  • Music in the Church

    In this sermon we discuss what is appropriate for special music in our church services. We explain that there are guidelines and standards we follow in selecting pieces for special music.

  • Rejoice!

    What is rejoicing? When should we rejoice? Is our rejoicing based on the physical or the spiritual? Or both? This sermon addresses these questions, and explains what it is for Christians to rejoice.

  • Truth or Error and Falling Away

    The Bible speaks about the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. We also read about falling away. How do you recognize truth and how do you recognize error? And what is meant by falling away?

  • Prayer That Avails Much

    James speaks of "prayer that avails much," implying that some prayers are more effective than others. So how effective is your prayer? Jesus instructed His disciples in how to pray, so that instruction should produce prayer that avails much. Let's see what that kind of prayer should be like.

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