• Every Wind of Doctrine

    Every Wind of Doctrine

    Is it more important what you believe or how you live your life? What is the importance of our beliefs? How we answer these questions is important for each of us. Is it good enough to be a good person?

  • The Three Faces of Unity

    The Three Faces of Unity

    Unity is a difficult word to define.  In Ephesians 4:2-3 we are encouraged to be “endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”  Unity in the Church is our goal as we see in numerous Scriptures, but we also see that it won’t be easy.  It is something we must continually strive for.  The Bible describes three faces of unity or three facets to unity in the Church:  Unity of doctrine or belief; unity of purpose or a common goal; and unity of conduct or a common standard of conduct.  By applying ourselves in these three facets of unity we can come closer to achieving the goal that has been laid out for us – unity in the Church.

  • Division vs Unity for the World Championship

    Division vs Unity for the World Championship

    Division is the enemy of unity. How can we help unity win in the Church?

  • Never Underestimate the Importance of This Doctrine

    Never Underestimate the Importance of This Doctrine

    One of the Church's Fundamental Beliefs centers on several specific promises from God. Without understanding this doctrine one cannot fully comprehend many fulfilled—and yet to be fulfilled— prophecies, nor can you understand the spiritual aspects pertaining to God's plan of salvation for all humanity. What is it about this doctrine that we must understand?

  • Plan Your Bible Study

    Plan Your Bible Study

    As we come back from the Feast of Tabernacles, it is a good time to plan for a year of good Bible study. This sermon offers some suggestions regarding time, selection of subjects, and resources.

  • Prophecy: A Review of the Basics

    Prophecy: A Review of the Basics

    Many events on the world scene now tie in with end-time Bible prophecy. We are bombarded with information and misinformation, but the basics of prophetic understanding in God's Church remain constant. This sermon provides a refresher in guidelines for watching world events in the light of biblical prophecy.

  • Sex and the Sabbath

    Sex and the Sabbath

    The Sabbath is Holy so what can we do? This sermon examines seven epoch events that have shaped the way we observe the Sabbath day.

  • Who Is God?

    Who Is God?

    Who Is God? Is He a Trinity? A family? And who or what is the Holy Spirit? This sermon examines some of these questions.

  • What Is God’s Work Today?

    What Is God’s Work Today?

    Through the years we have heard a great deal about "God's Work" and how important it is to have one's heart in that work. What exactly is God's work? Has that work changed over the years? How do you know if your heart is in the "Work of God?"

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