• Remember Lot’s Wife

    Christ admonished His disciples about their readiness for His return. He used the admonition, "Remember Lot's Wife". This message gives an in-depth view of Lot's family and destruction of Sodom, and what we can learn from Mrs. Lot's actions.

  • Let Us Keep the Feast

    When the first Day of UB falls on a Sabbath, as in 2018 and 2019, the only service we have to give guidance through the festival is on the first day.  What do we need to keep in mind as we go through the Days of UB this year?  What can we learn from the Israelites as they came out of Egypt?  Since we are to learn from their example, what must we do to make the most of this festival?

  • Remember

    Each year there is a Holocaust Remembrance Day.  It is on Nisan 27, which is 13 days after the Passover (evening of the 14th).  When Christ instituted the Passover service with His disciples He said "do this in remembrance of Me."  What will you be thinking about during the Passover service?  What will you remember?

  • Spiritual Growth, the Role of the Percentage

    To explain the gold standard for spiritual growth.

  • An Interesting Christmas Story

    I will tell you the most interesting Christmas story I've ever heard. That will come right after the story of a lopsided confrontation in Israel between one old man and hundreds of knife-wielding miscreants.

  • The Greatness of God

    Each Sabbath we worship God and each day when we pray we are also worshiping God. Do we stop to consider the God we worship and His greatness? We should.

  • Who Is Our Savior and Why Does it Matter?

    Jesus lives! It's true. But what does that mean? And what impact does that have in our lives?

  • A Study of Church History

    In Matthew 16:18, Jesus Christ promises that the Church would never die. The Sabbath is a sign of God's people and can be used to trace the story of the Church over the past almost 2000 years. This sermon takes a look at the Sabbath keepers who came from southern France to England and then on to the US, beginning in the colony of Rhode Island.

  • The Third Rail to Righteousness

    Do you think that  Satan is done with us?  The answer is no, he is not done with us. But he does not have to win.

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