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Feed People With Love

Written by Pam Myers

After enjoying a delicious meal in the company of dear family or friends, have you ever wondered what made the event so very special?

While my husband and I were at the Feast of Tabernacles, we stumbled upon a restaurant with the motto “Feed people with love.” Intrigued by this, we decided to dine there and learn more about their practices.

As we entered the restaurant, we noticed the restaurant’s motto prominently displayed in the foyer: “Feed people with love.” 

As we were seated, the owner came to our table to greet us. (He didn’t come only to our table; he also walked to each table in his restaurant, making sure his patrons were well cared for.) We asked him about his restaurant’s motto. He said that they not only strive to prepare and serve the finest and freshest locally grown foods, but they also want to create a genuinely welcoming atmosphere for their guests. He described how they try to treat their guests in a courteous, friendly and relaxed manner. 

Wow, were we impressed! This restaurant received an A+ from us on both counts. 

As we were leaving the restaurant, we received a postcard with the restaurant’s motto printed on it. 

I immediately recognized the postcard as a keeper.

Recalling family history 

When we got home from that Feast, I framed the postcard and set it on my kitchen counter. “Feed people with love.” As I pondered the motto, I began to recall childhood memories. 

My grandparents (emigrants from Czechoslovakia) lived just two blocks from where I grew up. I frequently visited them and saw over and over again how Gramma loved to cook! Just about every time I visited her, she had something homemade and delicious for me to sample. She received great enjoyment from watching her family enjoy her cooking—and how I loved eating her food!  

On any given day, she would be baking or cooking great quantities of food. By 3 p.m. her kitchen table was filled with plates of her finished entrees. Why 3 p.m.? This was when four of her sons finished their shifts at the local steel mill. On their way home to their families, they would stop at “Mamma’s” to pick up her culinary gifts. 

Gramma loved her sons and wanted to see them and get updates about their families. What better way to do this than to lovingly provide food for her sons and their families? She welcomed each with a big hug and kiss and listened as each spoke of his day and family.

The atmosphere we create at home

This visit down memory lane got me thinking about how important it is to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance and relaxation to go with the food we serve in our homes. How can we provide this not only for our actual family on a daily basis, but also for our extended family and friends? Can we “feed people with love” by the way we treat them, as well as in the preparation and serving of good foods? 

Here are a few suggestions for how we can do this:  

  • Greet each family member or guest with a warm and genuine welcome. We might be frazzled by this time of the day. Small children needing our attention in the midst of dinner preparations can be a very challenging part of our day! But taking the time to greet everyone who walks through our door with a bright smile really sets the atmosphere for the rest of the evening.
  • If you are entertaining, help your guests with their coats, purses, shoes and diaper bags. Lead them to comfortable chairs to relax in. If your guests have small children, be sure any breakable decorations have been put in a place of safety. Have a stash of toys, books or crafts to entertain the children.
  • Find out in advance if there are certain foods that your guests prefer not to eat. This way, you will avoid awkward moments at the dinner table. Instead of experimenting with an elaborate entrée you’ve never tried before, serve a simple, tried-and-true menu you feel comfortable and confident with. 
  • Enjoy the meal with your family and guests. Make preparations in advance so that you are not still in the kitchen working while everyone is eating. Let your guests see you relaxed while dining. This will help them to be relaxed as well.  

Love both ways

The framed “Feed people with love” postcard sits on my kitchen counter. The beautiful memories created by Gramma are tucked away in my heart. Both inspire and guide me in having the proper attitude regarding my family and guests. 

Not only do I want to create and serve a delicious and relaxing meal for them, but most importantly, I want to create an atmosphere of love, comfort and relaxation in our home. 

Let’s make “feeding people with love” a goal to strive for! 

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