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    Are You Focused?

    What can we do to keep the lessons of the Feast of Tabernacles alive after we return to the daily grind of this world? In a word: Focus. Do you feel overwhelmed? Tired,...Read More

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    Are You True to Your Word?

    We all have good intentions, but that doesn’t matter if we don’t follow through! Have you ever given your word or promised something, but didn’t follow through? Maybe you...Read More

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    Pearls of Wisdom

    Years ago, I was taught some “pearls of wisdom” by my mother-in-law. I’d like to share some of those pearls with you. My first Sabbath service in God’s Church was a new...Read More

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    Don’t Lose Your Power

    Losing electricity doesn’t make for an ideal Mother’s Day. What can we learn from my “powerless” Mother’s Day? Have you ever lost power in your home? No lights, no heat or...Read More

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    Abuse: Facing My Hardest Secret

    One of the most terrible evils of this world can cause its innocent victims to endure fear and undeserved feelings of shame all alone. A survivor shares her story in hopes of helping...Read More

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    The Onion

    I didn’t start crying until six layers into the onion. I don’t usually cry when peeling onions. Cutting them, yes, but not peeling them. But I don’t usually peel them layer by layer...Read More

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    The Women of the Tabernacle

    What can we learn from the wonderful example of women who willingly contributed to the work of preparing for God’s tabernacle? It’s fascinating to look at the various roles...Read More

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    Do You Have a Bucket List?

    A bucket list can help us feel like we are accomplishing something important in our lives. But could it be that the items on our list that we can’t check off are the most important?...Read More

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    Stop, Drop and Pray

    Have you ever been asked to pray for someone and then forgot? A simple fire safety technique can help us always remember to pray for others in need. As a child, I was taught...Read More

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