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    On the Move Again

    We are all to be moving toward the goal of the Kingdom of God. Do we feel alone at times? We can if we lose sight of God and what is really important. A lump...Read More

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    Do You Have to Be a “Tough Guy” to Be a Man?

    Does it take a tall, muscular frame to make a man? Do you have to be able to fight to be a real man? Or can masculinity be more subtle than some...Read More

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    Three Lessons in Leadership From General Patton

    General George Patton is known as a bold leader who played a vital role in World War II. What lessons in leadership can we learn from him? General George S....Read More

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    Real Men Accept Correction

    Real men are invested in the outcomes of their choices. For this reason, they accept correction to ensure that future choices show improvement. When real...Read More

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    Real Men Learn to Focus

    One of the keys to proper masculinity is focus. Real men must reclaim that mission-driven mentality that epitomizes masculinity and fuels accomplishment....Read More

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    God Is Greater Than Google!

    A recent Bible study experience reminded me of where we need to go first for help and guidance. Prayer is a private relationship between us and God; so...Read More

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    Answering Superman’s Questions: The Destiny of the Men of Tomorrow

    Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound … it’s SUPERMAN! He has some questions—for...Read More

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    I Am My Mother’s Keeper

    My mother’s life and death have taught me many things. In her waning years, I came to recognize my responsibility—that I am my mother’s keeper. On Nov....Read More

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    Learning Responsibility

    Winston Churchill said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” What are the responsibilities of a Christian man? How can we grow in them? Most of us...Read More

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    War for the World

    H.G. Wells wrote about a “War of the Worlds” between mankind and Martians. But some believe the Bible refers to a “War for the World” between two groups of far more powerful...Read More

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    Spartans, Shields and Spiritual Battles

    An epic battle between the Persians and the vastly outnumbered Spartans has lessons for us today. My alma mater’s sports teams are called the Spartans, and this plays a part in how...Read More

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    Are You a Man of Your Word?

    Is it important to be a man of your word? Are white lies okay? When Xavier Alvarez introduced himself at a meeting in 2007, he probably didn’t realize he was about to commit a...Read More

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    World Peace Suspended!

    Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace reminds us of the pitfalls of a lack of self-control. It’s an important character trait that all Christian men must build. After NBA Commissioner...Read More

  • Becoming a Better HUSBAND

    Husbands and future husbands have a great responsibility. How can we do a better job in this essential biblical role? Disclaimer time. I’m not claiming to be a great husband. As my...Read More

  • Men and Maturity: The Traumas and Triumphs of Aging

    Are old men destined to be grumpy? What did God want us to learn from the aging process? If we men live out our natural lives, one thing is sure—we’ll get old. It’s 100 percent...Read More

  • Linsanity, March Madness and the Mardi Gras Mentality

    Why do some men go crazy for whatever their latest obsession is? If we work hard, is that an excuse to be allowed to go a little crazy sometimes? First, a couple of disclaimers. Lest...Read More

  • Miracles of Life!

    Love, marriage and sex (in that order) are designed to give the miracle of a new life the best possible start. And family serves as a training ground for an even more miraculous part...Read More

  • Put on the Armor of God

    In our war with Satan, his society and our human weaknesses, we need spiritual help. God provides the powerful armor we need for protection—and victory! In the last post, we examined...Read More

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