Building Update - May 25, 2018

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This week we expected to see the concrete foundation poured, but that wasn’t to be. Everything is ready—the frame is in place, the steel is in place, along with the plumbing and the electrical wiring. There was one minor issue. The concrete was scheduled to arrive today, Friday, May 25, but the builder felt there wasn’t enough time to finish the job in one day, and they knew we did not allow any work on Saturday. So, rather than getting caught in the middle of the project, they chose to delay it until next week. The new date for pouring is now Tuesday, May 29, since Monday is a holiday.

We will actually lose a couple of days, but we are fine with that. Our working relationship with Highland Builders has proven to be a wonderful one, and they have been willing to adhere to our requirements for days when no work can be done. In spite of losing a few days in the building process, we are all much happier with this outcome rather than being pushed to allow work on Saturday. Highland didn’t even ask us, they simply rescheduled. 

In spite of the disappointment that the slab was not poured this week, there is still a lot going on. If you take a look at the attached video, you will see how the area is changing almost daily. In our meeting on Thursday, we walked around the building site with our hard hats on and marveled at the extensive underground drainage that is now in place. On the back side of the property, we also inspected the stone retaining wall that was completed this week.

Once the foundation is completed and allowed to “cure” for a few days, the steel superstructure will go up. Highland is telling us that at this stage they should be able to make up several of the lost days. The weather here in Dallas is predicted to be hot and dry with no rain on the horizon. The temperature is rising each day and is predicted to reach over 100 by the middle of next week. With no rain in the forecast, a lot should be accomplished in the next couple of weeks.

There isn’t much more to report from this week. Our next update will be in two weeks, and I anticipate there will be more to see, especially with the foundation being poured next week and the superstructure built the week following. This process has been long already, and there is much more to go! Today was our 15th meeting with the builder since work began on the property. There will be many more meetings, but it is exciting to see the changes each time we visit the property.

Please enjoy the drone footage that is attached. Once again, Kelly Cunningham, our drone pilot, has done an excellent job of capturing the work as it is taking place.