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Three Tips for Safety on Social Media

Written by Joshua Travers

Social media has great benefits—and great dangers. Here are three simple tips that can help reduce those dangers so that you can enjoy the benefits! The Internet—all of the information in the world...


3 Lessons I Learned From Bible Journaling

Written by Tammy Valley

In January 2015 I began Bible journaling. What is Bible journaling and how can it make your Bible study more effective? Here are three lessons I have learned. A few years ago, I found it difficult...


The One Relationship That Will Never Let Us Down

Written by Amanda Henderson

Relationships on the human level often carry an expectation of pain and conflict. Many eventually fail. But our relationship with God should be the opposite. We’ve all heard it before: love hurts....


What a View!

Written by Andrew Travers

Looking out my airplane window at an amazing view of Africa made me think of the view God has when He looks down at His creation. Few sights can compare with the view from an airplane. On a recent...


Will He Find Faith?

Written by Josh Travers

Christ asked if He would find faith on the earth upon His return. The answer is yes and no. Our real focus should be: Will He really find faith in us? This year, I was privileged to attend the...


Our Ironman Race

Written by Gabe Ellis

The Ironman Triathlon is one of the most grueling endurance races to ever challenge its participants. What can this race teach us about our Christian lives? The full Ironman Triathlon is considered...


Sowing Good Consequences for Eternal Life

Written by Jorge Iván Garduño

Sometimes we can’t see how the things we do now will affect our future. But a young man who made many mistakes can help us understand how God sees things. “Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor...


Lessons From Forcing Myself to Watch Star Wars

Written by Jeana Beilstein

Recently I forced myself to watch the Star Wars movies and learn what they are all about. I found that this experience had some parallels for our spiritual lives. With much anticipation, many...


We Are All French

Written by Joshua Travers

This past Friday night, tragedy struck the nation of France when terrorists attacked locations across the city of Paris. Why does this kind of violence continue? “Pray for Paris.” My friend’s text...