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“Carnal . . . Who Me?”

Presented by Paul Carter - January 21, 2022

What does it mean to be carnal? We can act carnal at times, but does that make us “carnal”? This Bible study looks into the topic of what it means to be carnal, and why understanding it is so important in the conversion process.

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Self-Reliant or Selfish?

Presented by Daniel Harper - May 15, 2020

An article by New York Times columnist Ross Douthat begins with these words: “In the future, it seems, there will be only one ‘ism’—Individualism—and its rule will never end. As for religion, it shall decline; as for marriage, it shall be postponed; as for ideologies, they shall be rejected; as for patriotism, it shall be abandoned; as for strangers, they shall be distrusted. … That’s the implication, at least, of what the polling industry keeps telling us about the rising American generation, the so-called millennials.” What can we do Watch

Matthew 18: A Practical Guide to “Going to Your Brother”

Presented by Joel Meeker - April 17, 2020

If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone.” So said Jesus in Matthew 18:15. But going to a brother can be intimidating, confusing and risky. How can the Bible help us succeed in fulfilling this fraternal responsibility? Here is a step-by-step approach that even a brother would love.


Any Questions?

Presented by Zach Smith - March 20, 2020

Sometimes young people in the Church have questions about God, the Bible, or beliefs and teachings of the Church that are left unasked. Perhaps they don’t want to look stupid for asking a simple question or don’t want to be misunderstood as challenging the teachings of the Church. On other occasions, maybe they just don’t want the answer because they like the one they’ve developed! Asking questions can be hard, but it’s vital for our growth. Answerable questions left unasked are missed opportunities for growth.


Time Warp – The Church You Never Knew

Presented by Dave Myers - February 21, 2020

A time warp is defined as “an imaginary distortion of space in relation to time whereby people or objects of one period can be moved to another.” Another definition reads, “An imaginary situation in which the past or future becomes the present.” In this Bible study for young adults we are going to transport a Church of God young adult from 1975 to see what he has to say about the Church of God today. Join Dave Myers for Friday Night Live on Friday, Feb. 21, to see what the past can tell us about our future.< Watch

Real Rainbows Belong to God

Presented by Kevin Epps - January 17, 2020

God created everything that’s necessary to make a rainbow—sunlight, water droplets, eyesight and perfect atmospheric conditions. Man can never do this. But rainbows have become a sign of our modern times due to the efforts of the gay rights movement to hijack this symbol. Supporters of this movement also have some modern arguments—all of which are refuted by God’s Word.


God’s Leadership Model

Presented by Scott Lord - December 13, 2019

Leadership is for everyone. In fact, God has called us to lead. Join us as we explore God's leadership model.


What Is Your Reality?

Presented by Nathan Willoughby - November 25, 2019

In our lives we draw conclusions and make decisions every day based on what we perceive as reality. But are the things we think and conclude in our own minds actually reality? Satan has promoted deception for millennia, and many have fallen prey to things he desires us to perceive as reality. Satan knows that our minds are where our battles are won or lost. During this FNL, we will discuss the effects that can hinder our spiritual lives because of our own perception of reality. We will also consider practical ways to combat this type of thinking.


Why Doesn’t God Just Stop It?

Presented by Gary Black - September 25, 2019

How can a good God allow evil and suffering to continue for so long? This question has caused many young people to stop believing in Him. Is it possible to understand a purpose behind suffering? And what part can you play in ending it?


Coming Out of the World

Presented by Dave Myers - August 20, 2019

In 2 Corinthians the apostle Paul, quoting Isaiah, tells us to “come out from among them and be separate.” How are we as Christians supposed to come out from those in the world when we have to deal with them almost every day? What is it that we are to come out of? How can we be separate from the world while living in it? What philosophies and ideas are “unclean” and need to be removed? Join us for Friday Night Live for answers to these and other questions.


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