Friday Night Live

Lead Forward From Behind

Presented by Chad Messerly - March 18, 2022

Young adults are in a unique situation. You are currently the sandwich generation, meaning you’re looking to the leaders of the generations in front of you while becoming leaders to those behind you. The next Friday Night Live, titled “Lead Forward From Behind,” will examine three things that help us learn to follow, in order to grow the qualities we need to lead. Don’t miss it!


How Does One Become Wicked?

Presented by Dave Myers - February 18, 2022

Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them? What exactly is wickedness, and why should a Christian avoid it? Join Dave Myers in exploring the question, “How does one become wicked?”


“Carnal . . . Who Me?”

Presented by Paul Carter - January 21, 2022

What does it mean to be carnal? We can act carnal at times, but does that make us “carnal”? This Bible study looks into the topic of what it means to be carnal, and why understanding it is so important in the conversion process.


Are You Diligently Keeping Your Heart?

Presented by Nathan Willoughby - December 17, 2021

In a world where evil is rampant, what does God tell those He is calling—His called-out ones—to do? Well, He tells us to keep our heart! What does this mean? Join us for this month’s FNL to learn what it means to keep your heart.


Thanksgiving Outside the Box

Presented by Zach Smith - November 19, 2021

At this time of year people often publicly share lists of what they are personally thankful for. What would we note if we could observe such an example of gratitude expressed by a first-century apostle? The answer is some outside-the-box thanksgiving!


How Do We Judge Fairness?

Presented by Kevin Epps - October 15, 2021

Do we always understand God’s judgments? Have we ever questioned whether His judgment was fair? Or have we—even once—actually believed that God wasn’t fair? The answers to these questions are vital to our understanding of Scripture and our personal relationship with God.


The Story of the 10 Commandments Through History

Presented by Gary Black - August 20, 2021

You’ve known the 10 Commandments from childhood and understand that they should be kept today. The 10 Commandments have a rich and interesting history. Do you know why some number them differently? Do you know when and why they were downplayed by Jewish rabbis?  In this FNL, we’ll tell the story of the 10 Commandments through the past and into the future.


Drugs, Alcohol and the Christian

Presented by Doug Horchak - July 16, 2021

What does the Bible say about the use of alcohol and other substances, such as marijuana and other drugs? What are the cautions and risks of such use from a biblical (and clinical) perspective?


Who Do We Pray to and Why?

Presented by Jon Pinelli - June 18, 2021

“As members of the family of God, we all know the importance of pray. In fact, in mainstream Christianity today, many would agree with the spiritual discipline of prayer. However, many mainstream Christians today choose to pray to Jesus rather than to God. Where does that belief come from? Is it biblically supported and correct? We will explore the issue of who we pray to and why in this Friday Night Live.”


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