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What Is Your Answer to This Simple Question?

Presented by Andy Burnett - May 20, 2022

In this study, we’ll address an underlying question all of us who have been called to this way of life must answer. You and I can only answer for ourselves. An incorrect answer clouds and taints everything we think, say and do. The correct answer—a response we must continue to answer correctly throughout our Christian walk—will carry us through thick and thin!  What is your answer?

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Don’t Merely Experience—LEARN

Presented by Mark Winner - May 18, 2018

What have your experiences in life netted you? While we cannot control every circumstance in our lives, we can control the general direction of our lives. But that is assuming one very important point—that we are learning from our experiences as opposed to merely experiencing life.


20 Ways You Can Serve the Church of God

Presented by Joel Meeker - March 19, 2018

In 1 Corinthians 12:18 God states that He places each member in the Body of Christ, just as He pleases. He does this because He has things He wants us to do; we each have works of service to perform. Here are 20 specific ways young adults can serve in the Church of God.


5 Major Messages for the Next Generation

Presented by Doug Horchak - March 15, 2018

The next generation has witnessed a severe deterioration of moral authority in society. You’ve seen leaders at the highest levels brought down by scandal. Add to this the uncertainly of a difficult economy, and the future can seem daunting and unfriendly. Yet Millennials and members of Gen Z are good at collaboration, consensus building and multitasking. You are talented communicators and very media savvy. Each one of you is facing crucial challenges and decisions that will dynamically shape your future and that of the Church of God. Join Doug Horchak for five major messages that will be Watch

The Deciding Decade: Why Your 20s Are Important and What to Do With Them

Presented by Dave Myers - March 15, 2018

Our 20s. Are they a time of freedom, travel, exploration and fun? Or are they a critical time to set our life’s course and lay our foundation for the future? Or are they both? We invite our older teens, our 20-something young adults, and those beyond to discover how we might best use this deciding decade of our lives. Please join Dave Myers as we explore the deciding decade.


Ach Shamar

Presented by Scott Lord - December 14, 2017

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is a book about relationships. Building a relationship with God is what our Christian calling is all about. But God also wants us to learn how to relate to our fellow man—whether a stranger, a neighbor or a brother. Please join Scott Lord as we explore what it means to be our brother’s keeper.


Lessons From Elijah

Presented by Paul Carter - December 11, 2017

There are many individuals in the Bible from whom we can learn lessons. Some are only briefly mentioned, while others made a lasting impact in their time and left an abundance of examples for us to learn from. Join us as we look at the life of Elijah and some of the lessons we can gain from what is recorded in Scripture.


Church History - How Did Christianity Get So Off Track?

Presented by Gary Black - October 20, 2017

Is what you believe really the truth?  If so, how can many modern Christian beliefs be so wrong? Don’t all Christians get their beliefs from the Bible? In the first few centuries after Christ and the apostles, major doctrinal concepts were debated and decided. In this Friday Night Live, we’ll talk about how some of these doctrinal decisions were made and why they are so different from what the Bible really teaches. Join Gary Black in this FNL that will help you solidify your faith and better appreciate the value of the truths God Watch

The Place of Safety?

Presented by Doug Horchak - September 15, 2017

For years, the Church has recognized references in Scripture to God protecting His people during the future time of God’s punishment of mankind. Where did this teaching originate? Is there any scriptural precedent to God protecting His people? Does the Bible teach of such a safe place for the Church in the future? If so, where might this place of protection be? Join Doug Horchak as he walks us through the Church’s historical teaching on this subject, coupled with what we can (and cannot) know from the Bible about the &ldquo Watch

How to Produce Godly Children

Presented by Dave Myers - September 15, 2017

Many tuning in to this study are parents with young children. Conscientious parents are concerned about how to raise their children in a godly manner. As parents, we can feel like we are wandering in the wilderness when it comes to finding solid guidelines by which to train our children. Yet our goal is to produce godly children that God will be pleased with and that we can be properly proud of. What are the most important values and behaviors that we should instill in our children? 


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