Don’t Drag Your Feet

Written by Jason Hyde

Attitude may not be everything, but my dad helped me see how pointless grudging obedience was. The biblical example of Philip also helps show the benefits of cheerfully doing what God...

Why Are You All Up in My Business?

Written by Gloria Carey

Some things are none of our business, but sometimes we need to get to know someone else’s business in order to really help and show we care. One day one of our neighbors said something that I had...

My Memorial Day Surprise

Written by Mary Lee Johnston

A close encounter gave me a memorable Memorial Day—and some spiritual reminders as well. I went down to the dock in the evening on Memorial Day as I often do before sunset. This time I decided I...

How Is Technology Affecting Families?

Written by Susan Scott Smith

Think quickly—how many times did you use technology today? We are surrounded by a myriad of electronics that are intended to make our lives easier or more interesting. How are our gadgets affecting...

“Father, Will You Answer Me?”

Written by Peter Holmes

Lessons in being persistent in prayer: God is willing to give us the desires of our hearts, but are we willing to go the distance in pursuing Him until those right desires have been...

At Gunpoint!

Written by Gregg Pennington

How would you react to being held up at gunpoint? Several Church friends were in from out of town, and I was excited to meet up with them at a restaurant on this particular Saturday night. There...

What Kind of Shoes Are You Wearing to Church?

Written by Mary Jordan

Who is the minister talking to this week? Are your “shoes” protecting you from any chance that your toes might get stepped on? Have you ever sat in church thinking how the message applies to...

Teen Blog

“I’m Bored and No One Can Hang Out”

Written by Heather Bennett

A game plan for beating boredom and capitalizing on free time. Have you ever counted down the days till sweet summer vacation, only to find yourself bored when it arrived? Maybe you had something...

Everyone Has a Talent—What’s Yours?

Written by Larry Murray

  Here are some tips for discovering your talents and using them as God intended. Why is it that some people seem to have everything so easy? They seem to have the natural ability to shine in...