At Your Service

Written by Debbie Pennington

Our 100-year-old fixer-upper had electrical issues and other challenges. Here are some things I learned by entertaining anyway. We’re big fans of the character of older homes, and our current...

Baptism, Commitment and Recommitment

Written by Mike Bennett

Why should you be baptized and when? And what should we do to strengthen and renew that baptismal commitment? John wasn’t known as “the Baptist” or baptizer for nothing. It seems he plunged...

What You Might Not Have Known About Leaven

Written by Karen Meeker

Watching the leavening process for bread is fascinating and amazing when one takes the time to notice a loaf in progress. First the baker takes a scant tablespoon containing scores of little beads...

Are All Men Slobs?

Written by Ron Kelley

It’s true. Some men are slobs. But is there really anything manly about it? This week my wife, Nancy, and I were in Ohio working on restoring our rental home back to the immaculate condition it...

Lessons From Leavening and a 3-Year-Old

Written by Mary Clark

Our congregation is doing a food collection for a local charity. Since we are in the midst of deleavening our homes before the Feast of Unleavened Bread, with all the spiritual lessons that brings...

What Passover Means for Teens

Written by Mike Bennett

As a teen, I wondered about the Passover. What do Christians do at the New Testament Passover service? What does it all mean? When I was 10, my parents were baptized and we started attending the...

The Toughest Challenge

Written by Mike Bennett

 We men love challenges. Why do we climb mountains? Run marathons? Do extreme sports? (Or—watch others do these things!) But I think I just read the greatest challenge. “Husbands, love your...

Godly Women Blog

A Woman to Remember

Written by Karen Meeker

It was just days before the Passover, and the enemies of Jesus were busily plotting their treachery to bring about His death. Their concern was timing. Not during the approaching feast, they agreed,...