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What Is Your Answer to This Simple Question?

Presented by Andy Burnett - May 20, 2022

In this study, we’ll address an underlying question all of us who have been called to this way of life must answer. You and I can only answer for ourselves. An incorrect answer clouds and taints everything we think, say and do. The correct answer—a response we must continue to answer correctly throughout our Christian walk—will carry us through thick and thin!  What is your answer?

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Remember The Prime Directive

Presented by Scott Lord - December 19, 2014

Star Trek had something called the Prime Directive; a rule that was the most important principle for them to follow. As the people of God, we have a “Prime Directive”. In this FNL session we will explore God’s Prime directive and understand how we need to order our priorities accordingly.


The Spirit Realm–Forces for Good or Evil?

Presented by Todd Carey - November 21, 2014

Who decides whether spirits are good or evil? The Bible speaks about a spiritual realm where there are forces for good and evil. We will explore the spiritual hosts for good and the forces for evil and discuss why it’s important we plant our feet firmly on the right side of things when it comes to spiritual matters.


Marrying Within the Faith

Presented by Doug Horchak - September 19, 2014

Does God care about who we marry? Is dating and marrying someone that is not in the Church a wise thing to do? In this bible study, we will address what the Scripture does (and does not) say about whom we date and ultimately marry.


Challenges to Our Faith While In College

Presented by Ralph Levy - August 15, 2014

This Bible study will look at some of the challenges you may face while in college, including concepts of humanism, feminism, and Marxism. What’s wrong with these ideas? Are they compatible with what the Bible says? If not, why not? And what’s the wisest way to handle these challenges when they come up in class?


When Prayers Go Unanswered

Presented by Clyde Kilough - July 18, 2014

When we pray it may seem that God is not listening and does not always answer our prayers. Why is this the case and what should be do when we feel our prayers have gone unanswered?


Do I Really Want Christ To Return?

Presented by Dave Myers - May 16, 2014

Many young adults are so busy with the everyday concerns of life that the real need for Christ’s return may be foggy at best. Why does Christ need to return? Why is this event not at the front of my mind? How can I get motivated to really pray “Thy Kingdom come” when life is going along pretty well for me now?


I Believe; Help My Unbelief!

Presented by Gary Black - April 25, 2014

The subject is the inspiration of the Bible. I’d like to talk about various reasons young adults can have even more confidence the Bible is inspired by God.


Knock, Knock – Is Anyone Home?

Presented by Mark Winner - March 21, 2014

In this bible study we will take a look at what society is selling us that is disguised as “freedom,” but in actuality is nothing more than immorality, perversion or better stated, sin. For those of us in God’s Church it is critical we show Him we recognize He is knocking and we choose to respond.


Bodybuilding Has Saved My Life!

Presented by Todd Carey - February 21, 2014

What is the importance of contributing to the Spiritual Body we know as the Church?


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